Sonny, Mike, and Courtney at the PC Grille

Sonny and Courtney are going to have dinner at the PC Grille. Courtney has invited Mike and Sonny is angry. The rest of the dinner is a disaster. January 22, 2002.

Courtney: You say you want to work things out. How are we supposed to do that if you won't even sit down at the table? (Sonny sits down with reluctance at the table). See? We can do this. One step at a time.

Mike: Look, I want to make you both a promise. You won't regret trying to work things out tonight. Now, I know it might not happen tonight or for a long time, but you're my kids and for being here tonight and trying, I thank you.

Sonny: (absolutely fuming) The steak is good if you want.

Courtney: I think I'll get the scampi.

Mike: Yeah, the scampi is good, too.

Courtney: Is it all right if I go to the ladies' room?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, go ahead. (To Mike) You shouldn't be here when she gets back. You can do that pretty good . . . I mean, disappear, right?

Mike: I'm not running this time, Michael. I'm not backing off, either. I don't have that many chances left to try to make up for things. So if you don't like it, tough.

Mike: I'm going to say something. I mean, you can listen or you can eat and ignore me, but I can't let this whole night go by without giving it my best shot. Look, I disappointed both of you. I let you down. Why does somebody make the same mistakes over and over again? I'm not sure. I just know that I was scared mostly and I didn't know how to break the pattern. Look, I can't go back and change the past, as much as I want to. All I can do is be here with you now and try to earn back your trust. And I know that forgiveness is probably out of the question, but would you please just let me try? You know, you've turned into a beautiful young lady and I’m sitting here kicking myself for missing all those years with you. 

Courtney: I had a great sweet sixteen party. It's too bad you missed it.

Mike: I would have been there if your mother hadn't . . .

Sonny: You made your choices. Don't put them off on other people.

Courtney: So fill me in. Why did you dump sonny?

Mike: I was selfish, Courtney. I hit a run of bad luck and I convinced myself that Sonny and his mother were better off without me.

Sonny: No, you see, it's harder to live off your winnings when you have a family to support. Right, Mike? Right, Mike? (Angry)

Courtney: Did the same thing happen with me and my Mom?

Sonny: You know what? Sorry. Don't do this to yourself because he'll keep making excuses as long as you're willing to listen. That doesn't change anything. He is addicted to gambling, so whenever he's in the big game, everything else goes out the window and that includes whichever child he promises to love that week.

Mike: I never forgot either of you. (Mike reaches in his pocket) You know, I've kept this with me all these years and I want you to have it. You were my little princess and you always will be. 

Sonny: (slams the table with his fist).

Mike: Don't do this, Michael. Damn it, don't do this.

Sonny: All right, you know what? If you were so important to your father, why didn't he tell you you had a brother? Huh?

Mike: Don't do this, Michael.

Sonny: If that picture he's carrying around is so important, why didn't he tell me you existed? He's been here for nine years, Courtney. (His voice is cracking with emotion) Telling me he wants to start over, that he's changed. Not once did he mention I had a sister. (Stands up) Come on, let's go. I want to get . . .

Courtney: You can't order me around!

Sonny: Shhh, shhh. Hey, hey, hey, hey, listen to me. (Leaning down) Mike's not going to say one thing to you that he hasn't already said to me, so let me give you the condensed version. He didn't mean to, it wasn't his fault, and he always loved you. Is that enough? You feel better now?

Courtney: Maybe I want to hear it from my father.

Sonny: All right. Go ahead.

(Alexis comes over. She has been witnessing the whole thing. She offers to take Courtney home and Courtney agrees. Sonny and Mike stand up).

Mike: Look, I don't blame you for how you feel about me, Michael. But this isn't the way to punish me. Yeah, I walked out on you both and that was wrong. I know that. But it's not right for you to try to keep me away from Courtney now. You may be her brother, but I am still her father.

Sonny: It's too late, Mike.

Mike: No it's not.

Sonny: Yeah, it's too late. You know what I'm saying? Ever since you got to Port Charles, I've cleaned up your mess. And I'm going to clean this one up, too! But after that, you and I are finished (walks out of the restaurant).