Soap Opera Digest- Editor's Choice-Ups and Downs 2/11
Sonny and Molly discuss bipolar disease.

Molly's conversation with her Uncle Sonny was a touching and sweet talk we won't soon forget.


Digest Salutes the Best in Daytime

Editor’s Choice. Ups and Down, General Hospital.

The last time GH wound up in this column, it was for a special effects-laden, life-and-death bus accident involving much of the cast. But life’s smaller moments are powerful, too, as GH proved with a pivotal conversation between a distraught Molly and her bipolar Uncle Sonny.

Precocious, hopeless romantic Molly was one of the passengers on the ill-fated bus that crashed on its way to the ski slopes and claimed two lives. Her innocence was ripped from her as she watched the driver die before her eyes. Still, level-headed Molly kept her cool, and, along with cousin Michael, kept the survivors calm and even aided the rescuers. But once she got home, Molly was tormented by nightmares and the crash. Her stellar grades slipped and she was unable to concentrate. When she acted out during an argument with her sister, Kristina, Molly knew something was terribly wrong.

Molly hit the Internet. Knowing that bipolar disorder is an inherited condition which her paternal uncle lives with, our young heroine feared the worst. Under the guise of a school report, Molly questioned Sonny about his illness. Sonny was ready to dismiss his neice-until he learned her topic. They sat, and Sonny did what he rarely does: opened up. “I yelled at people. I would break things. And then I’d feel horrible. “ Sonny explained. “Lots of people lose their temper,” Molly pointed out. “How did you know the difference between normal and bipolar?” “In my heart, I knew something was really wrong,” Sonny shared. When Molly asked how old Sonny was when he realized he was ill, he knew the inquisition was no project. Sonny tenderly eased his niece’s fears and promised to always be there for her.

On her way home, Molly witnessed a car accident, which triggered a catatonic response. A passerby saw her, sat her down and listened as the trembling girl admitted that she’d diagnosed herself with bipolar. The concerned stranger, Shawn, was a Marine, and said her symptoms sounded a lot like what he had: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His admission was an “Ah-ha” moment for Molly, who realized that the accident may have changed her, but couldn’t steal her spirit.

The quiet, character driven plot showed Sonny’s compassionate side, as he took Molly’s fears seriously, treating her with kindness, and respect. It gave 12-year-old Haley Pullos a chance to shine, as plucky Molly dealt with her anxiety with an ingenuity and maturity beyond her years. And it made us warm