Sonny Returns to Port Charles 
January 7, 1999. Sonny finally agrees to return to Port Charles after living on the island and running the casino for the past year. Jason comes back to the island to help Mike talk Sonny into leaving.
Mike: It's a beautiful day out there. Seventy-eight, seventy-nine degrees probably. No clouds. The winds out of the southwest, the sea's running about a foot. Listen, why don't we take your boat out? We'll catch some snapper before the sun goes down. Look, have you tried scuba diving? Maria says that you have an instructor downstairs.
Sonny: Scuba diving's a bad idea for somebody with claustrophobia.
Mike: Look, am I missing something here? I mean, what is so great about being cooped up in this room?
Sonny: Until recently, you weren't in it!
Mike: Well that's the problem! You're hiding from people instead of being out there living life. 
Sonny: (There’s a knock and Jason comes in the room) Good, you're here. Now go home and take him with you!
Mike: So, how was your trip?
Jason: Easy. We came from Mexico City.
Sonny:  (Angry. Stands up from the desk). The idea was for me to disappear, not change addresses so everyone including Mike can follow me here.
Mike: Is it just me or has he gotten even more stubborn and unreasonable?
Sonny: Do not talk about me like I'm not in the room, Mike! (points his finger).
Mike: All right, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to play by the rules here. Were you ignoring or insulting me this afternoon?
Sonny: What the HELL were you thinking when you dumped him on me?
Jason: I was thinking I'd rather have Mike fight with you than you go into the ocean.
Sonny: Well that's not your decision to make.
M: Thank God he made it. I mean, what are you doing Michael? If you're trying to make amends for leaving Brenda, then why don't you do something . . .
Sonny: (Yelling) Don't start with Brenda, Mike! I'm not kidding you.
Mike: You hungry? (to Jason)
Sonny: Go ahead! Make him lunch, fix him lunch. Take over my kitchen like you've taken over everything else.
Mike: I'll make us a couple of sandwiches. Don't worry, I know what he's having. Brandy? (Mike leaves the room). 
Sonny: You get him the hell away from me!
Jason: Sonny, I can't. Mike loves you and he's worried about you. He's not going anywhere.
Sonny: Oh, was that your plan? Send him down here to annoy me so much that I have to go back to Port Charles?
Jason: I didn't have a plan. I still don't. I just need you to come home.
(Next scene)
Jason: I don’t have time. Michael wakes up in the middle of the night. If I’m not around he gets upset. I have to go in less than one hour.
Sonny: So go. I'll find some other way to get rid of Mike.
Jason: I can't keep coming down here. I haven't been followed yet but every time I make a call, every time I go through customs, I'm taking a chance. You know why? Moreno finds you, there's nothing to keep him from finishing me.
Sonny: That's why I'm here. I'm your insurance.
Jason: You're not anymore. (Sighs) I made a mistake. I took what I wanted. I took Robin and Michael out of the life. I didn't think about anything else. I made the deal that was best for me and now I've got Moreno running Port Charles. He's doing drugs, he's dealing with prostitutes, he's beating them up, he's shooting the police commissioner and he's still threatening me. I'm back in the Penthouse, people I love are under guard, I'm not free, I'm never going to be.
Sonny: Well you know what you got to do. You’ve got to get rid of Moreno.
Jason: Well, yeah then I'm in violation of our agreement, Sonny. Unless I'm working for you, I gave your territory away to Moreno and you have every right to take it back.
Sonny: I couldn't run it anymore.
Jason: You wouldn't have to.
Sonny: What am I going to do? Sit in the Penthouse while you do my job for me?
Jason: Well then do it yourself.
Sonny: I can't. I've got a job. I run a casino.
Jason: Yeah. You remember the time I brought you the $100,000?
Sonny: And a bus ticket.
Jason: Right. A bus ticket. I almost used that bus ticket. But I was sitting in the station, and I remembered Robin saying, you have to say goodbye, if you leave. Say goodbye. So I started thinking about you and I started thinking about the hundred bucks that you lent me that I didn't pay back and I couldn't go. I didn't know the word for it then but I knew that I had obligations. People who meant something to me. I couldn't just walk away. Neither can you.
Sonny: I already did that. My life was at St. Timothy's and I left her there. I never even told you. I went back. I was sitting at that park across the street, waiting for her to open the door. It was raining too hard so I couldn't see her face, but I could make out what she was wearing, her hair. She took a moment, then she crumbled, you took her inside. Remember?
Jason: Yeah.
Sonny: I walked away that night, Jason. There's nothing to go back to.
Jason: There's more than you have here.
Sonny: Well . . .
Jason: You remember when you said you wanted to finish with honor? What's so honorable about this?
Sonny: It's not your job to save me.
Jason: All right. Just let me ask you one question. If I was drowning, would you pull me out even if I told you not to?
Sonny: No.
Jason: Would you ask me to get out of the water?
Sonny: Yeah.
Jason: Get out of the water.
(In the very last scene, Jason and Sonny return to the Penthouse. Robin is there and she goes over to Sonny and gives him a hug).