Group Shots


Dante, Morgan and Michael help Sonny. 9/13.

Michael, Morgan and Dante. 8/13.

Michael and Morgan. 5/13.

Michael and Morgan. 5/13.

Dante and Michael. 12/12.

Starr, Michael, Kristina and Trey. 8/12.

Kristina, Trey, Michael, and Starr. 7/12.

Sonny and his sons.

Dante and Michael at Sonny's birthday party. 4/20/12.

Michael and Dante check on Sonny in the hospital. 12/23/12

Kristina has a goodbye party before going to Yale. 11/3/11

Sonny's toast to Kristina: I'm going to make a toast to my beautiful daughter. To Kristina, you did this on your own. You worked very hard. You were determined and you made your dreams come true. It's been an honor to be your father and watch you grow up to be such a beautiful women. And somebody who just does what she wants, who battles back. You're an inspiration to me, your mom, to everybody. We love you very much.


Sonny's kids hang out before dinner. 11/11

Michael visits Dante in the hospital. 10/11

Michael finds Kristina on the docks. 9/11

Michael and Morgan. 7/11

Molly and Morgan take Josslyn to a hideout. 7/11

Michael and Kristina's high school graduation. 6/15/11

Sonny: I'm really impressed with both of you kids. And I'm very proud to be your dad.


Michael and Kristina talk. 5/11

The kids throw Sonny a surprise birthday party. 4/21/11

Wedding pictures in Sonny's living room. 3/11

Michael and Kristina. 3/11

Michael drives Morgan home after wedding. 3/11

The kids witness the car bomb explosion at Sonny and Brenda's wedding. 2/11

The kids celebrate Sonny and Brenda's Wedding. 2/11

Kristina and Molly on Valentine's Day. 2/11

Michael and Molly are suffering from PTSD. 1/11

Michael and Dante after the bus accident. 1/11

Michael, Kristina, Morgan and Molly go on a ski trip that turns tragic. 1/11.

Michael tells Kristina and Molly that Sonny's engaged to Brenda. 12/28/10

Michael and Kristina. 12/14/10

Michael helps a drunk Dante. 12/10

Michael and Kristina. 12/10

Michael and Kristina talk at the park. 9/10

Michael tells Kristina Sonny left the country. 9/10

Michael, Kristina, and Dante. 8/10

Michael and Kristina at Kelly's diner. 7/10

Michael gets out of Pentonville. 6/10

Dante and Kristina visit Michael in Pentonville. 5/10

Michael says goodbye before he goes to prison. 5/10

Michael returns to Port Charles 4/10

Sonny gets arrested for Claudia's murder 2/10
Alexis: You know what? This is all a little too much for everybody, I think, to deal with. I really don't know what to say, and I certainly can't offer any more advice about Sonny. What I will tell you is that it's okay to love Sonny and hate what he does. He's done terrible things. But no matter what, he loves you, and there isn't anybody in this room that he wouldn't give up his life for."


Christmas 2009


Summer 2009

Michael trust his brother and sister.

Morgan and Kristina are thrilled Michael is out of his coma.

Maurice Benard has Dylan Cash as a guest at his event during the GH Fan Club Weekend 2008.
Photos courtesy of Michelle

Sonny and his boys at Christmas

Visiting Grandpa

Leticia is murdered.

Sonny tells the boys they need to be careful.

Sonny: "You need to do me a big favor. While you are staying here, you do exactly as you're told, and that means no hiding from Leticia, no ditching the guards. You get my drift?"

Michael and Morgan: "Yeah."

Michael and Morgan worry about their Dad.

Sonny: Then why don't you want to go to the wedding?

Michael: We don't want you to be alone.

Sonny: You know what? That's a beautiful thing. I appreciate that you guys want to take care of your dad like you do, but I promise you I'm going to be just fine.

Michael: Ok, Dad.

Sonny: Give me a hug.


“Every time that I think about you guys, every time that I remember my boys, I remember how much you love me. You know what it is to be an inspiration to somebody? You two boys are an inspiration to me, and I thank god every day that you're in my life.”

Hanging the Christmas stockings.

Sonny: I was hanging out with a friend of mine tonight and she's having a few problems and it got me thinking how lucky I am to have you and Morgan in my life. Because even when I'm down and feeling a little lost, you guys remind me how happy I am that I'm alive.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm a little busy with my children.

Morgan: Yeah!


Molly loves Sonny!