Sonny's Monologue at Mike's Hospital Bed

This takes place when Mike was shot by Joe Scully as he tried to protect Sonny. Sonny is still angry at Mike for showing up in Port Charles, but he sits at his bedside until Mike is out of the woods. 1995.

“Why the hell did you decide to turn up now? Alright, I’ll tell you about a fight I wish you had been around for. Me and Joey Perez, in the fourth grade. Joey beat me to a pulp. Joey’s dad was a bouncer at Porky’s. I was a skinny kid with no dad. Next summer when I was 10 I worked out at night so the first day of fifth grade, Joey came at me on the basketball court and he landed one. It hurt like hell. Then I dropped him. I kept at him until he crawled -- broke his nose. Joey never messed with me again. As a matter of fact, nobody ever messed with me again. I should have been able to, you know, come home and tell you about it, but you weren’t there. Why now?”