Sonny's Nine Lives


"You’ve been using up your 9 lives at a pretty fast clip lately."

(Mike to Sonny).

There isn't any doubt that Sonny Corinthos has had a life full of brutality. Since he was a child growing up with an abusive stepfather, to his fights in school, and finally to his chosen profession, Sonny has constantly been exposed to a world of violence. 

Over the years, Sonny has been kidnapped, beaten up, shot at, survived bombings, had claustrophobic attacks, and even self-inflicted wounds from his violent temper. He has suffered so many cuts, scrapes, and bruises it is hard to keep track. Here are some of the close calls Sonny has had before and since arriving in Port Charles. 

Childhood abuse: beaten with a belt, slapped, kicked, shoved, "knocked around", and locked in a closet.

Shot: Sonny was shot in the upper right chest and left arm during a shoot out with guards during the jail breakout of Frank Smith. He was saved by using a mob doctor and having a transfusion of blood from Brenda. He still has the scar on his chest. 

Overdose: Sonny was jumped at General Hospital and brought back to his Penthouse. He was injected with heroin and left to die. Luckily, Brenda was worried about him and came by to check on him. She called 911 and he was brought to the hospital and survived. 

Claustrophobic attack: Sonny is jailed for a few hours with Tom Hardy. He cannot be in enclosed spaces and has an attack.

Claustrophobic attack: Sonny was trapped in the catacombs and almost suffocated to death when Harry set off a bomb and trapped him and Brenda for days. But, they were eventually rescued and Sonny only suffered cuts, scrapes, and bruised ribs. 

Shot: Sonny was gunned down in front of the Port Charles Police station. He was in critical condition. During his hospital stay, he saw a light and it went towards his deceased wife Lily and Sonny's two deceased children. Sonny recovered.


Warehouse fire: Sonny was trapped in the collapsed warehouse when it caught on fire. Jason was able to rescue him. He suffered some cuts, bruises, and smoke inhalation.

Stabbed: Sonny was stabbed in the back when he was at the cemetery visiting Lily. Sonny was rescued by a stranger, Angel Ellis. She called a mob doctor and was able to get antibiotics and pain medication for his wound. He developed a high fever, but she was able to nurse him back to health.

Hurt in explosion: Sonny was injured in an explosion at Penthouse 4.

Kidnapped and beaten: Sonny was kidnapped by Lorenzo Alcazar and held captive in a warehouse. He was tied up and beaten, suffering from multiple cuts and bruises to his face.  

Shootout: Sonny attempted to kill Lorenzo Alcazar, but he was set up. The cops and Alcazar were waiting for Sonny. Surrounded by the cops, Sonny kidnaps Sam McCall. Later, Sonny barricades himself at the Penthouse. When he tries to surrender, the cops shoot him. He suffers a bullet wound to his left upper arm.  

Fire: The Port Charles Hotel caught on fire and Sonny was trapped inside. The building is rocked by explosions and Sonny is covered with debris, falling beams, and surrounded by fire. He tore a tendon in his knee and suffered multiple scrapes and bruises. 

Shot: Sonny is at a South America convent praying when he gets shot multiple times in the back. The nuns take care of him for a few days before he returns to Port Charles and is hospitalized to continue his recovery.

Shootout: There is a mob showdown at the Metro Court Hotel. There are several shoot outs, as Sonny is barricaded in his hotel room. There is a final showdown in the hotel stairwell. Sonny is shot, possible in the left rib area, and is taken to the hospital. He recovers quickly.

Outbreak: There is an outbreak in Port Charles. Sonny is one of the citizens that gets the virus. He is taken to General Hospital to get treatment. The hospital is quarantined.

Self-Inflicted wounds: Sonny has a violent temper and has occasionally injured himself with his outbursts. His injuries include cutting his hands from breaking bottles, putting his hand through a window, and occasionally breaking glassware in a rage. Another hand injury occurred when Carly cut his hand with a knife.

Stitches: Sonny attacks Juan Escobar, a rival mob boss. Escobar's men had taken a shot at Jason and nearly killed Emily. In revenge, Sonny breaks a wine bottle on Escobar, then kicks him as he's on the ground. Escobar's men go after Sonny, hitting him in the face. Sonny's nose is cut and he needs stitches.

Pistol whipped on cheek, punched in ribs, and attempted murder: During a hostage crisis at the Metro Court, a defiant Sonny shows no fear against the attackers. As a result, he is taken into a room, tied up and beaten. He suffers injuries to the right side of his face, a cut lip, and bruised ribs. Later, he's taken away to be killed, but the gun has blanks.

Concussion: Sonny and Jason are ambushed when they are at the Cellar. Sonny pulls out his gun and shoots at his attackers. As he's going up the stairs, he dodges a bullet, and tumbles down the flight of stairs. He suffers a severe concussion.

Assassination attempt : Sonny goes to Puerto Rico for business on the insistence of Trevor Lansing. As Sonny is walking to his car from the airport, the vehicle explodes with a car bomb meant to kill him. Sonny lays low for a week before returning to Port Charles unharmed and very much alive.

Shot: There is a Black and White Ball at Wyndemere. Anthony Zacchara, a mob enemy, has shown up and is out of control. Sonny has a showdown with Anthony in a bedroom. Sonny tries to negotiate and reason with Zacchara. As Sonny leaves the room Zacchara shoots him in the shoulder. Sonny is already weak from donating blood to Ric. Sonny is hospitalized, needing surgery, sutures, and rest.

Bruised and cut: There is an explosion at the cannery/warehouse at the docks. Sonny is caught in the explosion. He gets some bruised ribs and a cut on his forehead.

Shot at point blank: Sonny is shot by Johnny Zacchara at point blank range in his living room. Sonny survives when the bullet is deflected.

Car accident : Sonny is in a minor car accident. He suffers some cuts on his face.

Stabbed, weighted down, and thrown off the pier. Sonny is chained with weights and then stabbed by mob enemy Karpov on the pier. He is thrown in the water to die. Karpov is seeking revenge from when Sonny pulled a gun on him. Sonny murders Karpov in revenge.


Explosion at hospital, bruised, smoke inhalation. There is a toxin released into the air at the hospital, during a fundraising for Michael's foundation. Sonny suffers bruises and smoke inhalation when there is an explosion and fire.


Shot in the chest. Someone shoots at Sonny in his office. The bullet grazes Sonny. He calls the mob doctor, puts some bandages on it, and takes some antibiotics.


Shot in shoulder. When there's an attempt on Dante's life, Sonny protects his son and gets shot in the shoulder.


Prison. Sonny gets sent to Pentonville for AJ's murder. Sonny survives the brutality of daily prison life, suffering beatings, claustrophobia, and protects himself in anyway he can. Sonny escapes prison and becomes a hero when he jumps off the Haunted Star and into the water with a live bomb. Sonny is found in the water, but declared dead by paramedics. Carly and Michael revive Sonny with CPR .