Sonny's Scars


A list of the most significant events in Sonny's life.

No, these aren't Sonny's physical scars (although he has a lot of those). These are the events in his life that have made him who he is today: Professionally, a dangerous, arrogant and powerful mob boss. Privately, a brooding man, full of anger and mistrust, and always yearning for a family. 

Abandoned by his father: We all know that Mike abandoned Sonny when he was young. Sonny, and even Mike, believe that this action started a chain of events in Sonny's life that he hasn't recovered from to this day.

Unprotected by his mother: Sonny adored his mother and protected her from her abusive husband, who was a cop. But, his mother was unable to protect her young son from the same abuse. He was constantly beaten by his stepfather when he was growing up. As a result, Sonny still has the scars on his back, claustrophobia, repressed memories, and a hatred of cops. 

Abused by his stepfather: When Deke married Adela, he also gained a stepson. Every child should be able to trust the adults in their lives. But, he violated that trust by abusing his stepson. He locked Sonny in a closet, beat him, and verbally abused him. Deke was also a police officer that represented the law. So, to this day, Sonny has no respect for authority.

Brenda wearing a wire: She was Sonny's first love. It took him a while, but he started to open his heart up and confide in her. He loved Brenda very deeply. Unfortunately, Brenda was talked into wearing a wire to get evidence on Sonny's mob activities. Sonny found out and was unable to forgive her for that betrayal.   

Joe Scully betraying his protégé: Sonny thought of Joe as a father. He took him off the streets at sixteen and taught him everything he knew. Years later, when Joe came to Port Charles, he wanted to take over Sonny's territory. Joe was so ruthless, he attempted to kill Mike. Sonny had no choice but to kill his mentor. 

Stone's death: Sonny loved Stone like a brother. He took care of him when he became sick and was devastated when he died of AIDS at such a young age. He blamed himself for not being able to protect Stone better.   

Lily's death: Sonny watched in horror as his wife walked to their car and a bomb exploded. She was killed instantly and he has never fully recovered from her death. He still has nightmares about her and blames himself for what happened.

Harry Silva's betrayal: Harry was Sonny's loyal, right hand man. He first betrayed Sonny when he planted the car bomb that killed Lily. It was meant to kill Sonny, as Lily was supposed to be in Puerto Rico. Sonny ordered Harry to leave town, but he returned a few years later and tried to kill Sonny and Brenda in the catacombs.

Undercover agent Hannah Scott: She was an FBI agent whose mark was Sonny Corinthos. She was ordered to collect enough evidence to convict Sonny on racketeering charges. If Hannah hadn't fallen in love with him, she could have easily given the Feds the evidence they so desperately wanted. But, Sonny found out who she was and kicked her out of his life forever.

The death of Sonny's two children: Sonny has lost two children to violent deaths. His first unborn child was killed in the explosion that killed his wife. His second baby was killed when Carly had a miscarriage when she fell down the stairs at the Quartermaines. Sonny dreamed about his children when he was in a coma and met them in heaven.

Rick (the bodyguard): He was assigned to watch over Carly and Michael. Instead, he worked for the enemy, Joseph Sorel. Sonny found out and had him taken care of.

Carly wanting Sonny out of the mob: When a gift for Sonny's birthday turned out to be a bomb, Carly became very worried about her families safety. She made the mistake of expressing her fears to Roy Dilucca. He told her the family could go into the Witness Protection Program. Sonny refused to rat out any of his crew and was sent to jail. The deal fell through and he was released, but he couldn't forgive Carly for what had happened.

The Darkness:"There's a darkness inside of me, a place that has no bottom. If hell is the absence of God, then this place is the absence of light. I know it's there because I try to avoid it, I try to ignore it, but it's pulled me in three times. It's like being in a nightmare and not being able to wake up." Sonny Corinthos has fallen into this deep spiral of hell several times. He becomes violent, paranoid, and suspicious. He has difficulty sleeping and usually drinks a lot. This darkness is his worse fear and he will do anything to prevent himself from "falling."   

Kristina is Sonny's daughter:  Sonny and Alexis have a daughter together. However, Alexis refused to tell Sonny this information for the first two years of Kristina's life. Alexis had switched the paternity tests and told Sonny the father was Ned's. Later, Alexis told Carly this secret. Still no one told Sonny. Eventually, he found out when Kristina was ill and needed a bone marrow transplant. Sonny was the last to know about his daughter. 

Sonny's daughter is stillborn: Sonny and  Sam had an affair. Sam became pregnant with Sonny's child. The baby didn't survive and Sonny was again grief-stricken with the loss of another child.   

Michael is presumed dead: A close father and son, Sonny was devastated when his children were kidnapped and Michael was presumed dead, shot and dumped in a swamp. He was quick to seek revenge, but it didn't help his broken heart. When Michael was discovered alive, kidnapped and abused by AJ Quartermaine, Sonny felt a renewed pain, as well as a new bond with his son, as they both suffered abuse from their supposed "fathers."

Jason steals Sonny's business: Sonny took Jason into his family after he was in his car accident. Jason was brain damaged, didn't want anything to do with the Quartermaines, and couldn't hold a job anywhere. Sonny was kind to Jason, mentoring him about life and how Sonny's world worked. Sonny treated Jason like a brother and taught him everything about the business. When Sonny and Emily fell in love, Jason objected. Jason tried to blackmail Sonny into make a choice between the business or Emily. Sonny refused to give up either. Jason stole Sonny's money behind his back and took over the business. Jason’s job was to protect Sonny and his family. Instead, to Sonny's shock and disbelief, Jason committed the ultimate betrayal.

"My business has been stolen from me. Overnight. Everything I worked so hard for, poured my life's blood into. What I do is who I am. You don't get to just come in and take away a man's pride, his integrity, who he is, his identity."

"Now you got what you wanted. You and I are enemies."

"And I'm going to take back what's mine. No matter what the cost."

Emily Quartermaine is killed: Sonny and Emily had a serious relationship and fell in love with each other. Emily helped Michael after the trauma of his kidnapping and the institutionalization of Carly. Sonny helped Emily come to terms with her rape and encouraged her to continue her aspirations as a doctor. When Sonny showed signs of his mood swings escalating, Emily suspected that he might have bipolar disorder. After some hard struggles, Sonny was diagnosed and agreed to treatment. Sonny credits Emily with saving his life. Sonny ended his relationship with Emily because he felt she deserved happiness and to be safe, things he didn't think he could offer her. When Emily was murdered a year later, Sonny was devastated.

“Everybody hated us together. It almost ruined my relationship with Jason. Everybody would say, you know, it's going to end badly, and the truth is that she was too young to be in a relationship with me. But I got to tell you, she was the kindest, gentlest person I've ever known. She was the one who figured out that I was bipolar, and she had to force me to get help and so she pretty much changed life.”

Michael is in a permanent coma: Michael is at the warehouse with Sonny when a sniper shoots at Sonny. Michael is hit in the head with a bullet. He is put in a permanent coma. Sonny is so devastated he takes a gun to himself and almost kills himself. To get the best of care, Michael is put into a care facility in Manhattan. Sonny will never get over what happened to Michael.

Carly and Jason take away Sonny's children: Knowing Sonny would never sign over rights to his children, Carly and Jason work together and blackmail Sonny into signing away his parental rights of Michael and Morgan. Sonny is devastated.

Carly and Jason take away Michael from Sonny. When Michael miraculously wakes up from his coma, he wants to live with his father. Michael does well with Sonny and they have some heart to heart talks. But Carly and Jason tell Sonny he can't have Michael live with him at Greystone. To add insult to injury, they tell him that Michael will live with the Quartermaine's. Even though Michael begs to stay with his father, Carly and Jason take him away from Sonny.

Claudia is the one who got Michael shot. When Sonny married Claudia Zacchara in a business deal, he didn't know that she was the one that ordered the hit on him that caused Michael to be in a coma for a year. During his marriage to her, Sonny never really liked her, but thought he deserved a loveless marriage and made the best of it. When Sonny found out the truth, Claudia kidnapped Carly. Michael killed Claudia trying to protect his mother and newborn sister. Sonny blamed himself for Michael's actions and covered up the murder for his son.

Jason dictates Sonny's role as a father: Jason is Sonny's best friend and his right hand man. But he has made a constant habit of lecturing Sonny on how he should be a father. There have been too many times to count when Jason has come to Sonny and proceeded to tell him he cannot be part of Michael or Morgan's life due to his lifestyle. The reason vary, but Jason basically tells his best friend that he would only be a good father if he is not around his children. Jason has decided that he wants to be out of his own sons (Jake) life and that is his choice. But it is not Sonny's. Jason needs to let Sonny be the father he wants to be.

Olivia never tells Sonny he has a son: Dante comes to town as an undercover cop to infiltrate Sonny's organization. He gets close to Sonny, befriends Sonny's children, gains Sonny's trust, and gathers evidence to put Sonny in prison. Sonny does not know that Dante is his son. Olivia, who went out with Sonny in Bensonhurst as a teenager, never told him. Sonny finds out that Dante is an undercover cop and there is a confrontation when Dante tries to arrest him. Sonny shoots Dante and is shocked and horrified to learn that Dante is his own son.

Michael goes to prison: When Michael accidentally kills Sonny's wife Claudia, Sonny goes to trial to protect Michael. But the truth comes out and Michael is sentenced to five years in prison. Sonny is devastated that his son is paying the price being his son. Michael is quickly released on probation, but Sonny is ordered to have limited contact with him.

Kristina is in an abusive relationship: Kristina gets severely beaten by Kiefer, her boyfriend. Kristina tells everyone it was Ethan that beat her. Sonny visits a bruised and battered Kristina at her hospital bedside and breaks down, telling her she looks just like her grandmother Adela. He tells her that he knows what it's like to be helpless and afraid. Sonny blames himself for not teaching Kristina how to protect her self. He is devastated that his own daughter has been beaten, as he promised himself that he would never let anyone he loved suffer the way that he and his mother did at the hands of Deke.

Morgan is sent to military school: Sonny is devastated to learn that Carly has sent Morgan away to military school. Sonny is very upset and wants Morgan to come home. He tells Carly it's like sending Morgan away to prison. Carly tells Sonny that Morgan is better off away from him, yet she continues to associate herself with other dangerous men, including Jason, Shawn, and Johnny. She is doing it to hurt Sonny.

Connie is murdered. Sonny's relationship with Kate/Connie goes back to their childhood in Bensonhurst. Sonny guides Kate/Connie through her struggles with her DID. Connie dies in Sonny's arms when he finds her shot at the Crimson office.

Morgan betrays Sonny. When Morgan feels slighted by Sonny, he goes to Sonny's enemy, Julian Jerome. Morgan plants a wire in Sonny's office and listens in with Julian to Sonny's conversations. Sonny is devastated.