Sonny and Michael Talk about the Baby 

Michael is worried he won't be as loved as the new baby, so Sonny has a talk with him. May 2, 2003.

(Michael comes into the Penthouse as Sonny and Carly are talking).

Carly: I was just about to tell your Daddy where you went yesterday instead of going to your friend's party. Why don't you tell him yourself?

Sonny: What happened? (leans down and listens to Michael).

Michael: I went to see A.J., and I told him I’m not stolen and he's only biological and you're my real daddy.

Sonny: (Sits with Michael down on the couch). Now, I thought I told you not to go off by yourself, and then you did it again. Why'd you do that?

Michael: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sonny: OK. I accept your apology. But I'm going to have to take your baseball glove away for a week.

Michael: A week?

Sonny: Yep, a week. That way you don't do it again. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: OK.

Carly: All right, I’m running upstairs because it's almost time for your swim lesson. I'm going to get your stuff. (Goes upstairs).

Michael: OK.

Sonny: All right. Now, if you ever want to see A.J. or any of the Quartermaines, all you got to do is come to me and I'll arrange it.

Michael: OK. I was only trying to tell A.J. I'm not stolen.

Sonny: Well, I'm glad you understand that.

Michael: Mommy explained it.

Sonny: OK. Well, all you got to do is come to me with any question . . . or your mother . . . and we'll answer it. We'll always tell you the truth.

Michael: OK.

Sonny: OK.

Michael: Mommy says you love me even though we're not connected by biological. But the new baby is. Will you love the new baby more than me?

Sonny: Michael, I wouldn't love anybody more than you. And when the new baby is born, I'll love you both the same. Your mom and I, you know, we're going to love you, take care of you. You know, we'll do everything for you. And we'll do the same for the new baby. Because you know what family means, right? Family? You know, family means that we take care of each other. Right?

Michael: Is it fun to have a baby brother or sister?

Sonny: Is it fun? Oh, it's a ton of fun. You know what I mean? Because, you know, a brother has to take care of the other brother, and a big brother always looks out for a little brother.

Michael: Or sister.

Sonny: Right.