Sonny Talks to a Sleeping Michael   

Sonny is going to rescue a kidnapped Carly. Before he leaves, he goes to Michael's room and kisses him goodbye. August 4, 2003.

(Sonny and Jason are leaving to rescue Carly. They talk briefly before Sonny goes into Michael's bedroom. Michael is asleep and Sonny leans down and kisses him. Then he kneels by the bed and talks to him).

Sonny: Everything's squared with the map. I'm going to check on Michael and then we can go.

Jason: Sonny, maybe you should stay. Just let me and the men go get Carly.

Sonny: We're this close to getting Carly. I got to . . .

Jason: Ok, that's exactly my point. What if we get to the end of this and something happens to you?

Sonny: That's a chance we take.

Jason: What about Carly and Michael and the baby? If something happened to you, they'd never get over it. Just let me handle this. Let me go.

Sonny: This has gone on way too long. I'm ending it tonight. 


Sonny: (Michael’s room). Hey, buddy. I know how hard this is for you. You're a trouper. You're just a little boy who's afraid his Mom is not around. But I'm going to tell you a little secret. I'm scared, too, more than I've ever been. The thought of losing your Mama . . . oh. I won't even go there. Your Mama came to me like a bolt of lightning. She gave me everything . . . love, you, a new baby, hope for the future. You know what else? Your Mommy's a miracle worker. Because none of this was supposed to happen. I wasn't supposed to have a little boy here sleeping who loves me. I wasn't supposed to have a new baby on the way or a mother depending on me to find her. It's a lot more than I counted on, a lot more than I deserve. But I have it. You, Mommy, the new baby. You're all mine. And whatever it takes, I will not lose my family.