Sonny Tells Alexis About His Childhood Abuse

February 24, 2000. Sonny finds out that Carly is pregnant with his child. He wants to talk to Alexis and get some advice about getting custody of his child. Sonny is at the Penthouse, working at his desk, when Alexis arrives.

Sonny: Well, I told Roy to check in with me after he makes the delivery. Yeah. Do me a favor and if the harbormaster gives him any trouble let me know. I have to go. Somebody's at the door.

Johnny: (Opens the door). Ms. Davis.

Sonny: Okay.

Alexis: Have you ever considered an intercom system? It would be a lot more dignified than yelling through doors.

Sonny: (Stands up from his desk). Can I get you something to drink?

Alexis: Thank you. That would be nice. Water, please.

Sonny: (Pours her a glass of water and hands it to her) So, what did you need to see me about?

Alexis: I assume you got your court order.

Sonny: It came yesterday.

Alexis: Good. So you know that Carly has twenty-four hours to report for DNA testing? So do you.

Sonny: Just tell me when and where and I'm there.

Alexis: They're going to call me sometime this afternoon at General Hospital. They'll call me with an exact time.

Sonny: Okay. What happens when the test comes back?

Alexis: We're going to petition the court to list you as father. That's the easy part. Sonny, custody is going to be a lot more difficult because if Carly chooses to remain married to A.J., it could come down to a hearing to determine which environment is best for the child. So let me ask you. If you were the judge, where would you place the child? With the Quartermaines or with you?

(Next scene)

Alexis: (Sitting on the couch). This child is a product of adultery. Now, that is a legal position, not a moral one. But the law is going to be sympathetic to the wrong party and in this case, that's A.J.

Sonny: (Sitting across from Alexis in a chair) Hmmm.

Alexis: Now, as long as he is willing to act as father the burden is on you to prove that he and Carly are unfit.

Sonny: A.J.'s a drunk that slammed his brother's head into a tree. Carly shot someone in open court. How much more do I gotta prove?

Alexis: How did your wife die, Mr. Corinthos? She was pregnant at the time, wasn't she? And wasn't your residence the target of machinegun fire?

Sonny: My last residence. My current residence has bulletproof glass.

Alexis: Wrong answer! You don't want to tell the judge how you're going to protect your child. You want to tell the judge how your child will never, ever, be in any danger.

Sonny: Is there any point to this?

Alexis: The point is, this is going to be a long and a very hard fight. The Quartermaines are going to bring up everything that you have ever done. Are you prepared for that?

Sonny: Well, you keep talking about my rights and A.J.'s. What about the kid's? I mean, he didn't ask to be born. I mean, I helped create him. Can't I give him something? A chance to grow up and a life without fear? The Quartermaines, they don't want my child, they only want to protect Michael and who knows how long they're going to hold onto Carly or where she'll go next? What if she meets up with some guy who doesn't like my kid? (Takes a deep breath). Boy. My child will not be trapped, will not be alone, with no way to defend himself, or have to take what some bastard does to him. This baby, it’s going to be safe and it's going to be loved, no matter what I have to do.

Alexis: Were you ever physically abused as a child?

Sonny: (Stares at Alexis with sadness).

(Next scene)

Sonny: How long before I can file for custody? Do I have to wait until after the baby's born or whatever?

Alexis: You didn't answer the question.

Sonny: This isn't about me. It's about the kid.

Alexis: It is very much about you. It goes to your fitness as a parent.

Sonny: I own my own business. I pay taxes. The worst crime I've ever pled to was a misdemeanor. So what's the big deal?

Alexis: Statistics show that if you were abused as a child, there's a high percentage that you could grow up to be an abuser. Now, if the Quartermaines could prove that . . .

Sonny: Prove what? That I was hit? (Upset) You really think that means that I would hit my own kid? That I would raise my hands (stands up) to a small little boy and actually hit him? I would die first.

Alexis: And I believe you. But if you have an outburst like that in front of the judge, then you will lose all hope of even seeing your child, let alone raising him. I'm trying to help you, Sonny, so you're going to have to tell me what happened, because I'm going to need to formulate a strategy to deal with it.

Sonny: When I was eight, my mother married a cop. Deke Woods. Sergeant Timothy Deacon Woods. Four months into the marriage, he hit both of us and it went on and on.

Alexis: You saw your mother being abused?

Sonny: He slapped her a lot. (shaky voice) Sometimes he'd grab her by the arm and throw her down or against something. Me, he'd hit. With a belt buckle, usually. He locked me in a closet first, then he'd go and get good and drunk and then I'd hear his footsteps walking down the hall, and he'd open the door. (Sonny holds up his hands). The rule was I couldn't raise my hands. I had to stand there and take it! (Loud) And if I ran, it made it worse.

Alexis: How long did this go on for?

Sonny: 'Til I left. Actually, no . . . 'til I fought back. (Whispers) I nearly killed him.

Alexis: How old were you?

Sonny: Sixteen.

Alexis: Eight years.

Sonny: (Nods his head. Upset, trying to hold back some tears) Does it work against me, that it went on so long? (shaky voice).

(Next scene)

Alexis: Is Deke still alive?

Sonny: Deke was shot in an alley three years after I left (sits back down in chair).

Alexis: How about your mother?

Sonny: She's dead too, a couple of years after Deke. But you know what, it's over. It doesn't matter.

Alexis: Has the abuse ever been documented by social workers, teachers, anything like that?

Sonny: Deke was a cop. The neighbors, they didn't call anybody. And I don't think my teachers knew. You know, if I was hurting too bad, I'd just cut gym class.

Alexis: No documentation is a good thing. Now, are there any witnesses that the Quartermaines could call? Did you tell anyone else about this?

Sonny: Luke Spencer, but you know, even if they could find him, I don't think he would say anything about this. My father knows a little bit, but he's not gonna help the Quartermaines. The only one who might is Taggert.

Alexis: Lieutenant Taggert knows about this? (surprised).

Sonny: He was Deke's protégé. He blames me for Deke's death. One night, we got into it and he went on and on about what an honorable and upright man Deke was. And I said, you know what? He's a wife-beating cop. But I don't think he believed me anyway. Who would ask Taggert about my childhood?

Alexis: Any good attorney that does their homework. And you'd better believe that the Quartermaine's are going to hire the best. If they can use Taggert to establish your history of abuse, they can question you about it.

Sonny: (Stands up again). You know what? I could just say it never happened.

Alexis: Perjure yourself and you lose your child.

Sonny: (Angry and upset) Are you going tell me that Deke's going to cost me my kid because I couldn't stop him. I couldn't get my mother and me away? I'm not going to be able to raise my own child?

Alexis: It's possible that the Quartermaine attorney could overlook Taggert. I don't know. It's possible that I could exclude him as a witness. He does have a history of harassing you. But if you are asked about your abuse, you answer truthfully. A lie will blow the case.

Sonny: I understand.

Alexis: There are other factors. You are known to have a violent temper.

Sonny: I've been in a few fights.

Alexis: Recently?

Sonny: Well, last summer I threw this FBI agent through a window.

Alexis: Oh, for heaven's sake (She picks up her file to read more information) . . .

Sonny: Well, you asked me. What did you want me to do?

Alexis: If it could get any worse (reads from the file). You pled no contest to a misdemeanor count of endangering a minor. You employed one Karen Wexler as a stripper in your club when she was underage.

Sonny: Yeah. I did.

Alexis: So if she was called to testify, what could she share with the court?

Sonny: That I slept with her. But, only after she was eighteen. And I did give her access to a prescription medication, but that’s . . .

Alexis: (Interrupts with frustration). Are you beginning to see the problem here? You are a career criminal. You have contributed to the delinquency of minors. There is a cop that can testify that you were abused as a child.

Sonny: The only thing I know and care about is that I will take care of this child and I will not be forced out of its life.

Alexis: Here's what I suggest. I think it's going to be a lot easier for you if you straighten out a compromise with Carly. If she will give you contact with the child then I think it's a good thing for you . . .

Sonny: (The phone rings) Okay. Shhh. Hello. What? All right, I'll take care of it. Ready to go to work?

Alexis: Have the Quartermaines started up already?

Sonny: No. Your other line of work.

Alexis: Hey. I told you I would defend you. I am not defending all the other thugs that you employ.

Sonny: This guy's a coffee bagger at my warehouse.

Alexis: The last coffee bagger that I defended was a demolition expert that defused a bomb on New Year's Eve.

Sonny: Well, you know what. That's great, you already know him. Roy DiLucca. He'll be reassured to see you.

Alexis: (Irritated) I'm charging double for this. Because my fee as a defense attorney is entirely separate from the time I spend on your custody suit.

Sonny: You're the greatest. (They leave the Penthouse).