Sonny tells Brenda about Deke

This scene took place in February 1995. Mike has recently showed up in Port Charles. Brenda doesn’t understand why Sonny is so angry with his father, who he hasn’t seen in years. Sonny is acting distant and angry. They are in Sonny’s apartment above Luke’s Club.

Sonny tells Brenda about his childhood abuse 3/95-Video Clip

Brenda: (Sonny is staring out the window. She walks over to him). You coming to bed?

Sonny: Yeah, soon. (She walks away, but Sonny grabs her arm). You're not going ask?

Brenda: I guess I'm a fast learner. Besides, you're not the only one with stuff on his mind.

Sonny: Is that so?

Brenda: Yeah. I keep thinking about Felicia and that poor little baby.

Sonny: We have ways of dealing with guys like this Ryan character.

Brenda: Sonny, come on. The police are handling it.

Sonny: (laughs) The police?

Brenda: (getting in bed as they talk) All right. I've been thinking about this and Ryan is a pediatrician. So he knows how to take care of babies and maybe that means that nothing bad will happen to her. You know, and if the police find her really fast maybe she'll be too young to remember anything.

Sonny: She's been yanked away from her mother.

Brenda: She's only a few days old. She couldn't be aware of very much.

Sonny: (he walks to the bed) Kids remember. They might not realize it, but in the back of their minds they remember everything. (he starts fixing up the bed).

Brenda: Well, I hope that you are wrong. (notices Sonny straightening up the pillows and laughs). Honey, would you tell me how it is that you became such a neat freak?

Sonny: I didn't have a choice. Another legacy from Deke. (sits down on the side of the bed).

Brenda: Oh . . . Deke.

Sonny: Stepfather. (he takes a sip of his drink).

Breda: The cop.

Sonny: Cop on the outside, drill sergeant at home. He insisted the beds had to be made a certain way. The sheets had to be tucked just right in the corner, tied across the top, so tight you could bounce a quarter on it. Now, if the quarter didn't bounce, you'd have to make it over and over and over again.

Brenda: Until it bounced? He sounds sadistic.

Sonny: No kidding? (he gets up and walks in front of the bed). I figure that's where I learned self-discipline. Of course, I also learned how to hate his guts.

Brenda: You really did?

Sonny: Hey, you knock a little kid around enough . . . it makes an impression.

Brenda: (shocked) He beat you?

Sonny: (soft voice) Yeah, but he didn't break me down. I'm going to go take a shower.

Sonny leaves the room and Brenda is very upset. When he returns from the shower he sits back down on the bed and sips his drink. He has his shirt off. Brenda puts her hands on his shoulders and kisses a scar on his back.

Brenda: How'd you get this?

Sonny: What?

Brenda: This scar.

Sonny: (he’s getting agitated and walks away from Brenda). My father had a belt hanging in the closet. Want a drink?

Brenda: No, thanks.

Sonny: (he pours himself a drink) Just think, next week I can offer you one without getting busted for contributing.

Brenda: Yeah. The big twenty-one. Where were you when you were 21?

Sonny: (he puts on his robe) I was a hotshot kid, working for Joe.

Brenda: How did you meet Joe?

Sonny: (smiling) You really don't want to know.

Brenda: I really do.

Sonny: I was sixteen; one of my favorite pastimes was driving fast. But, the trouble was, I didn't own my own wheels, so on occasion I'd have to borrow some.

Brenda: Oh.

Sonny: One Saturday night, I saw this cherry firebird, candy apple red, man, that thing would fly. What I didn't know was it belonged to a wise guy named Joe Scully.

Brenda: You stole his car?

Sonny: (laughs). But hey, wait. I returned it like always. What, are you shocked?

Brenda: No! I've stolen things before.

Sonny: Hmmm.

Brenda: I stole something from Wyndam’s once and I returned it (laughs) after Julia caught me.

Sonny: You had Julia and I had Joe.

Brenda: Yeah, but Julia didn't carry a gun.

Sonny: (serious) Actually, Joe was very good to me. (he walks over to the bed and lays down). He took me in and said I had potential. (Brenda gently strokes the side of his face). Showed me the ropes, and took good care of me.

Brenda: Sounds a little like you and Stone.

Sonny: A lot like me and Stone. I could've been his own son (sadly). That means a lot to a kid.

Brenda: (still stroking his face). Your mother must've been really upset when you left home.

Sonny: She asked me to.

Brenda: Why?

Sonny: She knew that Deke and I would eventually kill each other. I mean, I had been fighting back by then and things started to get ugly, she knew it. (sighs) Of course, when I left she went right back to being the brunt of it.

Brenda: Did he beat your mother, too?

Sonny: Sure. That's where it all started. He'd slap her around a little bit, until it occurred to me that if I got in enough trouble, he'd have to pick on me, so for a long time he left her alone.

Brenda: (becoming upset) You were just a little kid. Did your mother know what you were doing? I mean, why didn't she leave him?

Sonny: She had a thing for a man in uniform.

Brenda: Sonny!

Sonny: No, I'm serious. Her family had to escape from Cuba. There were things there that she couldn’t get over. She needed to feel security. She needed to have security. She needed to feel safe, so a big strong man in uniform is what she thought she needed. First, there was Mike, he was in the service by then. Then, there was a cop. All my mom ever wanted for us was to be safe. Instead, we got Deke.

Brenda: (getting angry). So, what about Mike? Why didn't he protect you?

Sonny: Maybe it was too much trouble. I don't know. He'd have to be the one to answer that. Hey, it's history. It doesn't matter.

Brenda: (touching his face). It does matter, Sonny. It explains so much about you and I just wish I would've known.

Sonny: It's not my favorite topic.

Brenda: There were clues and I just didn't even see them. Remember that night when we got in that big fight and you asked me to leave and there was something so strange about you. Like you were going to explode.

Sonny: I saw Deke knock my mother around. I saw what it did. I swore that I would never do that to a woman I love.

Brenda: How could anybody do that to a little kid? I'm so sorry that happened to you.

Sonny: Well, don't feel sorry for me, sweetheart. It only hurt in the beginning. After a while I learned to shut down the pain. He'd be hitting on me and the hatred I had towards him blocked everything out.

Brenda: I've seen the way you shut down and I hate him for being the one who did that to you. (she reaches over and puts both her hands on his face). What can I do for you?

Sonny: (whispers) Nothing, sweetheart. Come here. (Brenda lays her head down on Sonny’s chest as he strokes her hair). It's over. We're grown up now.

Brenda: I love you. You know what I wish?

Sonny: Hmmm?

Brenda: I wish that I could make you feel the way you make me feel.

Sonny: You know I love you.

Brenda: No, I mean what your mother wanted for you. To be safe. You're so strong Sonny and I know you're never going to let anything bad happen to me. (Brenda sits up and looks down at Sonny). That's how I want you to feel. I want you to feel safe. And I can't change all the bad things that people did to you in your life, but I want you to know that your heart is safe with me. (Brenda leans down and kisses Sonny with tenderness).