Sonny Tells Brenda About His Dog

1994. Sonny and Brenda are in his apartment. Sonny is hiding Foster for Lucky. Brenda starts to ask Sonny about his past. He tells her about the dog he once had. They are cuddled up on his bed as they talk.

Sonny: So anyway, he was by far the ugliest dog I had ever seen in my life. His coat was a dirty yellow color. He was missing an eye, his ear was all chewed up like it had been in a fight.

Brenda: But you loved him.

Sonny: Had to. (Softly) He thought I was the greatest thing to have ever walked the Earth.

Brenda: Of course he did. How old were you?

Sonny: (Flatly) Eleven.

Brenda: So what happened to him?

Sonny: I wasn’t allowed to have pets.

Brenda: Why not?

Sonny: Those were the rules.
Brenda: Since when do you go by the rules?

Sonny: I didn’t. I hid him in the basement for two weeks.
Brenda: You didn’t?

Sonny: (continues in a distant voice) Then one day my Mom and I came home from church and that’s when as they say (Sonny pauses) the jig was up.
Brenda: What happened?

Sonny: (quietly, with sadness) My stepfather went into the basement to get something and that’s where they met. The end, finito.

Brenda: Sonny? (She thinks he’s kidding)

Sonny: Why aren’t we watching a movie? (He doesn’t want to talk anymore)

Brenda: Well because if we were watching a movie I wouldn’t have got to hear about you and the world’s most ugliest dog. Which I am much more interested in then any movie.

Sonny: We could be making wild, passionate love all night if it wasn’t for this ugly mutt.

Brenda: Well we can do that anytime. Don’t you like this? Just curling up together. Just being here?

Sonny: Yeah.

Brenda: So tell me more.

Sonny: About what?

Brenda: I don’t know. About your family.

Sonny: Not my family. It’s just me and my mother.

Brenda: And your stepfather.

(Sonny turns distant and angry. The subject is changed and they soon get into a fight. Brenda goes to Lois to see if she can learn anything about Sonny’s past. Lois reveals that Sonny’s stepfather was a cop. Brenda is shocked).