Sonny Tells Luke about Adela and Deke

Scene: Luke’s office, after Joe Scully comes to Port Charles. March 1995.

Luke: What’s up?

Sonny: Uh, I’ve been going around on this since yesterday.

Luke: OK, you got my attention.

Sonny: I had a meeting with Joe Scully. He…he’s got some ideas about wanting to take over in Port Charles.

Luke: Sounds like you’ve got a problem.

Sonny: Mmhmm.

Luke: Does that mean we have a problem?

Sonny: You know what? You were right the first time; it’s my problem.

Luke: Did you tell Scully where to stick his big ideas?

Sonny: It’s not that simple.

Luke: Sure it is.

Sonny: No it isn’t.

Luke: Look, when you said you could take care of Cusak, I believed you. Now, just because some former father figure got to him first, that doesn’t mean that Scully gets to run the horse race.

Sonny: He thinks he can.

Luke: Well, you got to tell him otherwise! What am I missing Sonny?

Sonny: The whole pictures. So far, you’ve only heard the Disney version, up until my mother and I figured out that Mike wasn’t coming back to stay. After that, things got worse, a lot worse. And at the end of it, was Joe. I’m not good at this OK, so just let me… let me get it out.

Luke: OK.

Sonny: Getting along after Mike wasn’t easy. My grandparents had a rough going so we couldn’t count on them for help, and there wasn’t much my mother knew how to do. She could get a job as a salesgirl or receptionist, enough to survive. But she was also very beautiful, and men were drawn to her. So sooner or later, some jerk would come on too strong and she’d always have to quit.

Luke: I got the picture.

Sonny: A woman like her didn’t have a lot of choices. The obvious one was to get married again and Deke had been after her for a while. And I guess him being a cop made her feel secure. He seemed like a steady guy and a decent role model for a ten year old kid. He was a control freak. And not just with her, I mean if I didn’t make my bed, I’d have to do it over ten, twelve times. I guess the only thing he did teach me, was discipline. After that, things started getting out of hand. At first he’d slap her around a little; keep her in line, you know the type. Then it just started getting worse. Nothing she did was right and me; I was a reminder that she had loved someone else.

Luke: Deke was sick.

Sonny: He was a pig. I was a kid, younger than Lucky. I didn’t have a clue how to stop him. So, I learned to distract him. I figured if I acted up he would hit me instead of her. As long as I was the target, she was safe. I got real good at making him mad.

Luke: Yeah. What did that do to you?

Sonny: It started building like a volcano. Then one day, I was about 16, he started in on his routine, and I blew. For the first time, I fought back. Uh, uh, man it was like, uh, I would have killed him; I would have killed him if my mom hadn’t stopped me. She was begging me to stop, begging me. Oh…but we both knew I had to leave, so I split. After that, she didn’t have me to run interference anymore.

Luke: So he kept it up, huh?

Sonny: She…she didn’t know how to leave, you know. She was a saint.

Luke: Where does Scully fit into this?

Sonny: I went wild for a few months, nothing but trouble. I took a car for a joy ride, big mistake! It was Joe’s. I thought I was dead meat for sure, but he was not like the other men I had known. He saw something in me. Of course there was payback for the stolen car. I had to polish that sucker every day for about a year. But he never laid a hand on me. I think by taking me in, he probably saved my life. I mean I…he never let me get away with anything. He…he taught me how to use my head.

Luke: What? What? What?

Sonny: No, like I said he was…he was more of a father to me than my own father or stepfather. I learned the business under him. After my mom dies, I decided I wanted out of the city. He encouraged me. Harry was retiring from the Paradise Lounge. Joe took me in; he let me run things. Eventually, he let me buy him out. You want to know the truth? If it wasn’t for Joe, I’d be dead or in prison.

Luke: So you feel loyalty to Joe, and you’re grateful. But when is it time to cut the strings? When is it time for you to go your own way?

Sonny: Well I…I thought that happened years ago.

Luke: What happened Corinthos? You’re backing off. This is the time when you should be drawing the line with him, and nothing that you have said to me explains why you don’t. Why are you rolling over and playing dead for Scully?

Sonny: There was a situation way back when…Scully took care of it. It carries a certain amount of obligation.

Luke: A situation?

Sonny: You and I have a deal Luke. You don’t need to know everything; I don’t need to know everything. Let’s leave it at that.

Luke: If my partner’s being squeezed, I need to know about it!

Sonny: It doesn’t matter!

Luke: It matters to me, to my family, to my business!

Sonny: Not if I say it doesn’t!

Luke: Look, this is a big part of our deal Corinthos. If you’re changing the rule son me, it ain’t going to work!

(They’re interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Sean Donnelley, who asked questions about Joe Scully, and then leaves.)

Luke: Well that’s just he kind of hassle I don’t need.

Sonny: You’re not involved Luke.

Luke: Oh really? Then why is Donnelley breathing down my neck? I’m trying to get my wife and my kid back into town Sonny.

Sonny: I want you to be able to.

Luke: Yeah, I want a partner who’ll be straight with me.

Sonny: What the hell do you think I’m doing? Do you think I just laid out my life’s story to hear the sound of my own voice?

Luke: That was not you life story. That was bits and pieces thrown at me like bones.

Sonny: You know what you need to know. The fact is that I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Luke: You have my sympathy.

Sonny: Well I expected your loyalty.

Luke: Loyalty without truth? I don’t think so!

Sonny: I will…I will find my way out of this mess.

Luke: Yeah you better. And if you don’t, I will.

Sonny: What…what are you saying?

Luke: I’m saying if you can’t handle your problems then we’re going to talk buy out.

Sonny: You’re jumping the gun Luke.

Luke: I’m covering my backside!

(Knock on door)

Luke: What is this, Grand Central Station? (opens door to Joe Scully)

Joe: Good afternoon to you too.

Luke: Perfect.

Joe: Can I come in?

Luke: Why the hell not?

Sonny: What’s going on Joe?

Joe: You and I need a few minutes alone.

Sonny: It’s OK. Luke…he knows what’s up.

Joe: I bet Luke knows a lot. I bet he even knows your police commissioner paid me a visit.

Luke: Donnelley’s been busy.

Joe: I don’t appreciate having the police crowding me.

Luke: And you think I did that? Oh man are your instincts off.

Joe: I’m asking you (to Sonny) to keep your partner on a short leash.

Luke: Let me tell you something about this partnership…

Sonny: Luke…

Luke: No, no, the man comes in my place, he wants to straighten things out, let me straighten him out fast!

Sonny: Luke! Please give me a second. Joe, this club, my business with Luke, it’s like the record company. It has nothing to do with my other enterprises.

Joe: You’re kidding, gambling, music, you’re telling me you’re running this place clean?

Luke: As pristine as an azure sea.

Joe: That’s a crime.

Luke: You wish. Let me fill in some blanks for you about this partnership. From day one this deal had to do with the fact that I don’t pay protection. That’s one of the benefits of having Sonny for a partner. I didn’t pay protection to Frank Smith, I sure as hell ain’t giving you a plug nickel.

Joe: Oh, you misjudge me Spencer.

Luke: I don’t think so. You don’t own this place any more. Look around; the strippers are gone. Got a little class now. Your presence here is a real nuisance man. You make my partner uptight, you’ve got the law breathing down my neck. You make me kinds anxious; in other words, you’re not welcome here anymore.

Joe: What a shame, just when I was starting to feel at home.

Sonny: Enough!

Joe: We’ll catch up later (leaves).

Sonny: Big mistake Luke. You do not want to make him your enemy.

Luke: Well that cuts both ways Sonny.

(End of scene)