Sonny Tells Luke How Deke Was Killed

Scene: Luke’s office after Sonny visits Joe Scully in his hotel room. March 1995

Luke: It didn’t go well.

Sonny: He is not listening to reason.

Luke: Did it occur to you that you may have to use some muscle with this guy?

Sonny: With Joe…I can’t with Joe.

Luke: Sonny, Scully’s asking you to roll over, play dead, hand over everything, belly-up without a whimper…how this guy has got use of both his knees…

Sonny: Let it alone Luke.

Luke: No I won’t let it alone! What’s he got on you? Come on, tell me!

Sonny: Ahhh…I told you about this slob my mother married…

Luke: Deke.

Sonny: Good memory.

Luke: How could I forget? He was a bum, he was cop, and he beat the hell out of both of you.

Sonny: Mostly me, until I hit back. My mother was sure one of us was going to end up dead so she asked me to leave. I split so fast; she couldn’t see me for dust. But then I realized what that meant. Without me to run interference, she was his #1 target. It killed me to leave her like that.

Luke: That’s what she wanted you to do.

Sonny: Yeah. I’d go visit her when Deke was at work. I’d see the black eye, the swollen lips. She’d lie about it. I’d try to make her feel better. I’d take her to lunch, buy her a new dress or something. She must have wondered where I was getting all the money, but she never asked. I didn’t tell her how I’d met Joe, and that he’d taken me in under his wing; that I was playing a little fast and loose with the rules. I figured what she didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt her.

Luke: She could figure it out.

Sonny: Of course she could. I was a punk kid with a lot of cash and an attitude. But she had the good sense not to ask. I guess my mother and I spent a lot of time talking between the lines. But this is the part that I didn’t tell you. Two years after I left, I went for one of my visits. It was her birthday. She didn’t answer the door, so I let myself in. The place was a wreck. Her body was unconscious on the floor. So, I took her to the hospital. She had fractured ribs, a lot of internal stuff, a broken nose. God man, she was just a mess. So, after that I said to her, “you gotta turn him in Ma. You gotta report Deke.” She looked at me, her face was all bloody and swollen, and she laughed, this awful, weird laugh, and told me “he’s a cop. You know how cops are with one of their own.”

Luke: So what’d you do?

Sonny: Nothing. I hated Deke so much I couldn’t even breathe, but I…she made me swear to her that I wouldn’t go after him. She’s the only person in the world I would do that for.

Luke: So that was it.

Sonny: No. I went back to my place, Joe’s. He knew something was wrong right off the bat. So I told him…he was, he was great man. He just…he just listened. And when he finally spoke he was very calm, quiet. I don’t’ even remember his exact words, but I knew it was going to be OK. The next night, Deke Woods was found dead in an alley, shot once in the head, once in the heart.

Luke: It’s a good end for a bad cop.

Sonny: I was able to go to Deke’s funeral and swear to my mother I had nothing to do with it. Joe and I never mentioned it. We went back to business as usual, him showing me the ropes. But there was a…a difference. It was an unspoken bond between us, until now.

Luke: So that’s what he’s got over your head huh?

Sonny: Come on Luke. Somebody does that for you, you owe ‘em.

Luke: Yeah, look, I don’t envy you this man, but it’s your history, it’s your decision. There’s only one thing…everything you’ve told me just let’s me know that I don’t want to get in the middle of something you can’t control. You understand? And it’s already bad man. We’ve already got the cops in here breathing down our necks. And it’s only going to get worse.

Sonny: Well that’s what I’m trying to avoid.

Luke: Well you can’t; you have to resolve it. Or, I have to buy you out. And if I do that you still got to come down on one side or the other Sonny, for your own sake.

Sonny: You know it’s…in truth the only thing I can’t ignore is I’m not sorry about what happened with Deke. In fact, if I was the one pulling the trigger, I’d made him suffer first.

(End of scene)