Sonny Tells Mike about Courtney’s Marriage

Mike comes to Sonny’s Penthouse. Sonny tells him what happened with Courtney and AJ when he found them. April 19, 2002.


Mike: (knocks on door. Sonny lets him in). Thanks for calling. What happened to your foot?

Sonny: (Has cast and cane) Trying to get on the plane.

Mike: All right. You left me the message that Courtney had married AJ. Now, there has to be more to it than that.

Sonny: I found them in bed together. I tried to throw AJ off the balcony and I stopped when Courtney told me that he was her husband. Alexis was there. Skye, Ned, and Jax showed up. I threw her a wedding reception and told her how happy I was and then I left.

Mike: Is she happy?

Sonny: Sure, Mike (sarcastic). She got everything she wanted.

Mike: And AJ?

Sonny: Well, he wanted Michael. He offered a trade. He would break Courtney's heart,

show her what a pig he is, and let her go if I gave him back Michael.

Mike: Damn him.

Sonny: You know how you think when you're gambling? How you're sure you're not going to lose anything and basically you're losing all the time? You don't really see the bottom until some loan shark is ready to work you over? That's how AJ lives his life. He's not just drunk when he's drinking. He lies to himself and everybody else. He killed my son and he thinks I'm going to let him anywhere near Michael? I'm not giving AJ a chance to hurt my child or, worse, teach him how to hate himself. You learn who you are by watching your father or you learn who you never want to be.

Mike: Look, I'm not saying that you should have traded little Michael, but what's going to happen to Courtney?

Sonny: She's on her honeymoon.

Mike: Where?

Sonny: In the Caribbean. Some place called St. Sophia. (Mike starts walking towards the door). No, no, no. Don't. That is not the way this is going to be handled. Why are you going after Courtney?

Mike: You know why. I'm her father.

Sonny: You mean that?

Mike: Damn you, Michael, I don't have time for this (frustrated). Yes, I was a bad father. Yes, I walked away from you and I turned around and I did the same thing to your sister. But the difference is I still have a chance to help Courtney.

Sonny: You're going to help Courtney the way she needs, not the way you want. You don't get to play hero, go and grab her away from AJ and make her understand that AJ's garbage.

Mike: I'm not going to stand by and do nothing! (loud voice).

Sonny: That's exactly what you're going to do, Mike. You're going to wait, and when she comes home you're going to bring her flowers in a big, silver bowl like the one you brought Carly and me. You're going to tell her how proud you are of her, you're going to give her a kiss on the cheek, and you're going to be the supportive, loving father she always dreamed of having.

Mike: You want me to lie to her?

Sonny: You don't have to lie. You don't have to lie, Mike. Just make it real. She's always needed you. This is your chance to come through. If she slams the door in your face, try again. If she asks you if I sent you, then you tell her what you told me, you know? It's too late to be my father. Make her trust you. And when she does, don't fail her.

Mike: You don't get to order me to love my daughter. And no matter what you might think, I have loved you both all your lives.

Sonny: (Emotional, but deadly serious) Then don't let anything come between you and Courtney. Not even me.

Mike: What do you mean, not even you? What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Answer me. What are you planning on doing?

Sonny: This is for Courtney (Sonny hands Mike a check). Benny will get you more if you need it. If I find out that you gambled any of it, then there's no going back, no more chances, we're done.

Mike: (Looks at check) This is a fortune.

Sonny: I have cashed out some of my legitimate holdings. The feds can audit every dime if they want. It's all clean.

Mike: Why are you doing this?

Sonny: I already told, it's for Courtney so she can go to college, Europe, whatever she wants. If she needs anything, you can give it to her without having to steal or make a bad bet.

Mike: I'm not going to front for you.

Sonny: I'm rich, Mike. You're not and you never will be. That's nothing to be ashamed of. I've never looked down on you for that.

Mike: The hell you didn't.

Sonny: You walked out. You failed my mother. If you were rich as god, I'd still despise you for that. I've never cared that you were broke. That's another thing you don't understand.

Mike: You're the one who can't understand. The things you value. Your strength, your pride. They crush everyone around you, Michael.

Sonny: You always call me "Michael." (With anger)

Mike: It's your name! "Sonny" is someone you made yourself into. An ice-cold, unreachable, absolute bastard. Do you know how much I hate Sonny Corinthos? Do you know what I would give to have one day with my son, with my child? Why the hell do you think I've stayed around all this time, knocking on your door, swallowing my pride, begging to get in? (tearful).

Sonny: I don't know who you dreamed your son would be, but this is what you got. Part of it's your fault. Most of it's mine. But I am whatever I wanted to be. Now, I've been very careful not to ask you for anything. Now I'm asking you for my sister. Take care of Courtney.

Mike: With your money?

Sonny: Well, you said my pride wrecks people. Prove you're better than me. Take the money.

Mike: Okay. I will take your money and I will spend it on your sister, but I'm telling her where it came from.

Sonny: Fine, but that's all you get to tell her. If she decides she wants to hate me, write me off, spit in my face, do whatever it takes, just stay close to Courtney. That's your job. You got that?

Mike: You know, Courtney doesn't hate you. She's trying her best . . .

Donny: Do you understand?

Mike: I think so. (Starts to leave, but turns around) I love you, too, Michael.