Sonny Tells Mike He's in the Coffee Business
January, 1999. Sonny is talking to Lucky. He has just sent him on some odd jobs and is paying him the rest of the money. He is meeting Mike for lunch at Kelly's.
Sonny: (He’s talking to Lucky). All right. This is the balance of what I owe you. A little extra for doing such a nice, quick, clean job.
Mike: (sitting at lunch table, he overhears the conversation). A nice, quick, clean job for what?
Lucky: Sonny sent me to Canada.
Sonny: To ice a couple of polar bears. You want to go to Canada? Cause I'll pay you not to come back.
Mike: (laughs)
Lucky: Does Jason still want me working at the motorcycle shop?
Sonny: Did he say otherwise?
Lucky: (nods his head no) I better get going. Thanks man.
Sonny: Thank you. (Sits down at the table with Mike).
Mike: So, you're sending children on errands now?
Sonny: Give me a break, will you? What if I am? I got no errands any dog, boy or sweet old lady wouldn't be perfectly safe doing. The only business I'm in now is the coffee business.
Mike: Coffee?
Sonny: Yeah. That's right.
Mike: Since when?
Sonny: Since I decided. I drink the stuff, I like the smell of it, I can spell it. Why not? They're going to be calling you Mocha Mike (laughs).
Mike: Mocha Mike (doubtful).
Sonny: Yeah. Yeah.
Mike: You know, somehow, I don't think I won't be holding my breath.
Sonny: You calling me a liar? Cause I don't like to have lunch with people who call me liar.
Mike: Then I get the feeling there's not going to be a whole lot of people sitting across the table from you.
Sonny: I'm just giving you what you always wanted, Pop. A son you can brag about to your friends at the bar. From now on, lattes are my life.
Mike: Lattes?
Sonny: You like that?
Mike: Lattes.
Sonny: Uh-huh.
(Next scene)
Sonny: Why are you giving me such a hard time?
Mike:  What do you know about coffee?
Sonny: Excuse me?
Mike: Well, yeah, coffee. You know how to taste it, maybe. Make it, sure. But, what about growing it, shipping it, selling it?
Sonny: Did Colonel Sanders know how to hatch anything?
Mike: Yeah, probably.
Sonny: Okay, fine. So, Jason and I aren't the micro-managing type. We'll just hire good people.
Mike: But, that's the problem. It's that people already think they know what type you are and what kind of people you hire.
Sonny: What people? What do I care what John Q public thinks?
Mike: All right. Take Moreno, for instance. Be you as pure as the driven foam on your cappuccino, you think he's going to buy into that?
Sonny: So what if Moreno or anybody else in this town can't change with the times. If they can't live and let live when a guy's just trying to manage his coffee shop, then that's their own fault. I'm not going to start anything.
Mike: I don't like the sound of that. I mean, I don't like that at all.
Sonny: You know why? Because you're a pain. You can't be content. You're incapable. What is your fatherly advice? You want I should live a life of crime? Is that it? Huh? Is that your advice? Tough. You and everybody else in this town better get used to seeing my face out in public. And I'm not just talking about, you know in dark corners of private clubs or in newspaper headlines.
Mike: I don't believe it. Sonny Corinthos actually cares what people think.
(Next scene)
Sonny: I'm tired of being dumped on. I'm tired of hearing my money is dirty. That I'm not good enough to give a wing to the hospital. Do you know what GH had to give a bachelor auction like some cheesy Vegas thing, do you know what I'm saying? Just to get the taste of the Nurse's Ball out of their mouths because God forbid my name is associated with any good deed.
Mike: Look, I'm sympathizing with you, Michael, but you . . .
Sonny: But, what? But, what?
Mike: But, isn't this the price you have to pay?
Sonny: Pay for what?
Mike: Pay for your unique tax status, let's say.
Sonny: I pay taxes, don't I?
Mike: (laughs)
Sonny: See? That's exactly the kind of attitude I am sick of. I've been called a racketeer, a gangster, even a murderer to my face when I haven't done nothing the Cassadines or the Quartermaines or the Jacks haven't done ten times as often and they make ten times more money. So, now, I'm going to be something I've never been before. Untouchable.
Mike: That's great. And you'll show them. Until Moreno shoots out your windows and you in the process just like he did to Mac Scorpio.
Sonny: Encouragement. Have you ever heard that’s something a father occasionally gives his son? Or you just want me to be glad that you walked out on me when I was six?