Sonny Worries About Michael

November 29, 2000. Sonny has picked Michael up from school early because he had a fall. Sonny is very worried and Carly tries to explain that they won’t always be able to protect Michael from everything that happens.

Carly: Good. You're home. Otherwise I was going to track you down at the warehouse. What is the point of buying me a company and tying my hands behind my back with only giving me 49% so I can't really make any decisions . . .

Sonny: Michael's okay.

Carly: Why wouldn't he be? What happened?

Sonny: He fell at school. He was playing outside. The older kids were running around. One of them slammed into him and he got a bruise on his face, scraped his knee, and . . .

Carly: He's upstairs?

Sonny: Yeah, he's upstairs. He's playing with Leticia. He's not upset, so don't make a big deal about this.

Carly: But he's all right?

Sonny: Now that he's here.

Carly: Well, I'll talk to his teacher next time I drop him off.

Sonny: He's not going back.

Carly: (Carly goes upstairs to check on Michael, then comes back down). My poor little baby. You're right. He's got a bruise on his little cheek and a skinned knee. But other than that he's fine. He and Leticia are making a bridge for his little boats to go under.

Sonny: Tough kid.

Carly: He doesn't really have to be with us, you know?

Sonny: That's what I told him.

Carly: (Carly can see that Sonny is shaken by what happened). You know that I don't ever worry when Michael's with you, right? Because I know you're going to be gentle, patient. You make this world safe for him, you know?

Sonny: I want to.

Carly: I know. No matter how hard you try, though Sonny, you can't make it perfect. Michael's going to fall and he's going to be unhappy about it. He's going to lose sometimes, as much as we don't want him to. He's going to be afraid sometimes.

Sonny: There are different kinds of fear.

Carly: Well, I know.

Sonny: The Cerullo kids used to screw up all the time. Nothing bad. Just what kids do. One time Louie broke this chair in the living room and he was so afraid of his Dad that he started to cry. And I thought, ‘oh, boy. Here comes the belt.’ But his dad just yelled and said, ‘I'm going to take away your allowance and you can't go to little league baseball for the rest of the summer.’ And right there I knew that the Cerullo kids would never have to be afraid like I was. And little Michael is not going to have to be afraid, either.

Carly: No. Nobody's ever going to hit my kid. Sonny, it's not the same thing. It was an accident. He fell. There's no reason to take him out of school.

Sonny: He's young. He can’t defend himself.

Carly: He doesn't have to defend himself.

Sonny: Someone does.

Carly: Okay, Michael likes school, right? If you take him out, then you're going to punish him for what Deke did to you. You know how much I hate to be left. It scares me more than anything in the world. I don't ever want my kid to feel like that. That's why I constantly reassure him and so do you. But the idea that we might leave never entered his head, you know? We're trying so hard to protect him from pain that we felt, we might be hurting him in another way.

Sonny: Do you think I'm being over protective?

Carly: You don't? (She says this gently, as Sonny is being very serious).

Sonny: Well, it's better than walking away.

Carly: Yeah, for sure it is. But I think that we can do better for Michael. We can find a way to love him but still give him room to grow up.

Sonny: I don't know where the balance is. I walked into school today. The tears weren't

even dry on his face. He says, ‘I fell.’ And I wanted to fix it and I still do. But you're right. I know you're right. It's not fair to Michael because this is about me and what happened a million years ago. That's dead and buried. I'll do better.

Carly: You’re the best, you know? There's nobody that's better for Michael than you. He thinks you hung the moon.

Sonny: Sure.

Carly: No, he does. He thinks you put it right up there in the sky just for him. Everybody listens to Uncle Sonny because Uncle Sonny will take you on a boat ride and take you flying in a plane, and take you to magical islands where you build sand castles all day and make fish taste like chicken.

Sonny: Michael likes fish.

Carly: So does Mommy when Uncle Sonny makes it.

Sonny: So, are you sure Michael's going to be all right in that place?

Carly: It's a preschool.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: It's not a prison camp. Four days a week, three hours a day.

Sonny: So older kids can pound on his little head.

Carly: What's the name of this other kid, this bully? Do you know?

Sonny: Why?

Carly: Because we could send Rick and Johnny to go find his parents and tell them that we don't want their kid anywhere near our son.

Sonny: That could work.

Carly: Sonny, I'm joking.

Sonny: Really?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Well, I mean, you seem to like throwing my name around.

(Sonny finally agrees to let Michael return back to school).