Spencer House

The Spencer house has seen a lot of mob action. Sonny often visited Luke when they worked for Frank Smith together. There was a mob shootout involving Joe Scully (which also included Brenda getting shot in the shower and Stone getting injured in the leg in front of Luke's Club) in which Laura killed a man in self defense.  

Sonny: The Spencer's are a wonderful family.

Jason: You were good friends with Luke for a long time.

Sonny: Yeah. I worked with him when I first came to Port Charles. We did a lot of jobs together. Then, I became his silent partner when we opened Luke's club. 

Jason: What happened to you guys?  

Sonny: We had a falling out a few years ago. But, he's still a great guy. 

Jason: Luke has a lot of good skills and resources we tap into sometimes. He's pretty cool. 

Sonny: The best. 

Mob Haunts