Sonny Talks To Stone's Ghost

December 1995. Sonny is about to get arrested on racketeering charges. Brenda comes over to the Penthouse and offers to help him financially. Sonny turns her down and she leaves. When Sonny shuts the door, Stone’s ghost appears in the room.

Stone: Oh man that was so lame.  

Sonny: I don’t need this.

Stone: You need a friend so bad you can’t think straight.

Sonny: I’m thinking fine. All bases covered. I miss something, Harry will catch it.

Stone: As long as you pay for it.  

Sonny: Yeah well you bet. I pay for the best, I get the best. Stay away from the Feds. That’s what I’m doing. I’m dumping my assets, all the partners I ever had, and stomping Ashton along the way. Does that seem like a Corinthos going under to you? I don’t think so (Sonny sits down on the couch)

Stone: I worry about you.

Sonny: Yeah? Well relax. I’m in good shape.

Stone: You don’t look so good.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, hey. I work hard.

Stone: Yeah, I know. You have to. To hide all of those feelings. The whole time Brenda was here, it is like you’re doing hard labor fighting yourself.

Sonny: Whatever, I won.

Stone: No you didn’t man, you lost. You got exactly what you didn’t want.

Sonny: I got her out of here.

Stone: But you wanted her to stay, and you wanted to thank her when she offered help. Instead you hurt her. That crack about the wire.

Sonny: She wore a wire Stone. I don’t forget. It’s what keeps me alive.

Stone: It keeps you buried alive. All these feelings covered up. They’re the whole game. I know what I’m saying here.

Sonny: I can’t play it that way.

Stone: Why not?

Sonny: Because I can’t let my brain check out. Feelings start, thinking stops. If I don’t think sharp, they can put me in the cell.

Stone: Great, so now Brenda’s dangerous? I guess if she had stayed, like you wanted her to, you’d be ducking bullets?

Sonny: No, no, no. I’d be kissing her.

Stone: Yeah?

Sonny: The kind of kisses that last for days and all hell breaks loose. But I was smart. I shut the door. I should have locked it.

Stone: Locking people out and being alone is a waste of time. Let Brenda in. Please Sonny. The next time you see her, don’t waste time.