St. Timothy's

Sonny and Brenda were going to get married here. But, Sonny left town to protect Brenda and the ceremony never took place. Recently, Sonny staged his murder at the statue outside the church, where he learned that Brenda was alive. 

Sonny:  For not being my place of worship, I have a lot of history at this place.  

Jason: Well, it was hard going to the church and telling Brenda you weren't coming. I remember that it was pouring rain. She was very upset and very wet.

Sonny: But it was for a good reason. I had to keep her safe, Jason. 

Jason: Oh, I understand. But, why is it raining every time we are at that church?

Sonny: Maybe the Gods are trying to tell me something.  

Jason: Like what?

Sonny: Forget it, Jason. It's just that it seems that things don't go my way at this church. 

Jason: Well, faking your death would have worked perfect if Brenda hadn't shown up.  

Sonny: (Gets a little emotional). But it was great seeing her face again. I'll never forget that face.

Jason: (Notices Sonny getting a far look in his eyes). Johnny let's get out of here.



Mob Haunts