Mike Corbin-Celebrating Ten Years

Ron Hale has been on General Hospital for ten years!
1995-2005. Even though Ron Hale has never been a contract player, he has always played a very important role on the General Hospital canvas. Arriving on scene as the long lost father of Sonny Corinthos, Mike's first few years were spent trying to reconcile with his son. As the years evolved, Mike has managed to be involved in many stories. The audience has seen Mike working with Luke, being an easy target for Sonny's enemies, always being close to Sonny's girlfriends and wives (so he can have access to his son), and seeing the introduction of Courtney Matthew, his daughter. Mike's known to like a party, to find a good scam, to lose a lot of money at the track, and to offer good advice at Kelly's Diner.



Best and Worst

Best enemy:  Mickey Five Hands. 

Best job: Working at Luke's Club.  

Worst job:  Kelly's Diner.

Best business: The Recovery Room.  

Worst business: The Motorcycle Shop.

Best back story: Mike and Adela. 

Worst back story: Mike and Janine.  

Best piece of furniture: Mike's clothes tree.

Best romance: Tammy.

Worst romance: Mike and Mary Scanlon. 

Most missed opportunity: Mike and Bobbie.  

Funniest confrontation: Mike and Helena on the docks.  

Most overused plot: Mike's gambling habit. 

Most disappointing story: Lack of Sonny and Mike scenes. 

Second most disappointing story: Mike hasn't held Morgan yet.   

Best future opportunity:  Mike getting to know Kristina.

Second best future opportunity: Showing Mike as a grandfather. 

Best relationship: Mike and Courtney. 

Most missed friendship: Mike and Luke.  

Good friendships: Mike and Jason, Mike and Brenda, Mike and Carly. 

Best Scenes with Sonny: Helping Sonny after Lily died, Mike waiting for Sonny when he was stuck in the catacombs, Sonny saying goodbye.   

Dropped plot: Mike's possible illiteracy and having a drinking problem. 

Best outfit: Mike's casual look.

Mike's best personality trait: Helping others.

Mike's worst personality trait: Lack of loyalty to Sonny.