The Cellar

Carly's club, which opened in January 2003. It is located in the basement of Kelly's diner. When Carly first scouted the place, a women named Catherine came and told her a story of the club's history. Since the opening, Sonny and Carly have been shot at twice and the club was shut down by the PCPD when a minor (Maxie) almost overdosed. 

Sonny:  This is my ex-wife's club. 

Jason: Carly has put a lot of work into this place. But, she's always talking about this Marco and Joe.

Sonny: I like the place, but I have to admit it's a little claustrophobic. There's only one entrance.

Jason: This is where Faith hired a shooter to kill Sonny. Luckily, the shooter was a bad aim and missed him.  

Sonny: She did hit Ric. 

Jason: Maybe she's not such a bad shot after all.

Sonny: We've had a few problems. My enemies paid off the bouncers and let in minors. They also tried to use the club to traffic drugs. The place was closed down for a couple of weeks. I think we need to work on the security.  

Jason: That's a good idea.  

Sonny: I wish we could get rid of those stairs. I have a lot of bad memories about those. But, hey, I'll do anything for Carly.



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