The Island

The island is Sonny's secret hideaway. He owns a lucrative casino. He likes to swim in the ocean. He lived on the island for over a year when he left Port Charles.  

Sonny: I love it here. It's a nice place to rest without anyone bothering you. I love to swim in the ocean.

Jason: It's a great place to disappear. It's hard to follow us here and only a few people know about it.  

Sonny: We've used it as a safehouse once or twice.

Jason: Sonny's casino makes good money. Sonny's the best business man I've ever known. He even owns some sugar plantations.

Sonny: (Laughs) I like to diversify. 

Jason: Sonny stayed here for over a year.

Sonny: Yeah. But, after a while I started to miss Port Charles. Jason came and took me home.

Jason: The kids like to come down here.

Sonny: Michael loves this place. He likes to ride on the speedboat, collect shells, swim, and do it all over again.

Jason: Maybe you could take Kristina down here.

Sonny: I'd love that. Maybe I will.

Mob Haunts