Transcript of Maurice Benard and Ron Hale Chat

May 9, 1998

SODhost: Welcome, Ron and Maurice! :) They are here with us to answer your questions!

R: Hey fans you're the's ron hale...say hello Ron. Ron is saying Hi...great to be here!

Angelafd asks: Ron we love you are you going to get more airtime?

R: LOL Ha ha ha ha ha.. how about from your mouth to God's ear.. That question has been asked for 3 years.. I wish I I had an answer, I would love to... There's a lot of things I would like to see Mike involved in but that's not really in my hands. I'll take suggestions.. Help!

Lorim_ram asks: Maurice, I went through Sonny withdrawal big time when you left. Will you stay around this time?

M: I'll stay around til sometime in June. I'll be there.

LShortie asks: Ron are you glad that Maurice is back?

R: Oh boy... Of course I'm glad..

M: Well you're glad in one regard.. If he doesn't work with me, well you know..

R: You see, I'm thrilled, see Maurice is answering for me. Yes I'm thrilled, but my great concern is if Mike & Sonny see each other. I don't know what it entails, especially in the way he left, we held each other and said we loved each other and then Mike went bananaas..I hope they write something for us..

M: I heard they are..

R: I heard that too, but until I see it..then I'll be glad he's back..

M: Then..

R: I think the Mike/Sonny scenes we could have under the circumstances could be dynamite... or the Sonny/Mike scenes...LOL

M: It's always Sonny & Brenda not Brenda & Sonny..

R: Not anymore...

SonnyDaMan asks: Will Sonny and Brenda kiss? Please say yes :-)

M: I don't know if I can give that away, but I can say probably.

RenaSF asks: Ron - Do you enjoy being on both PC and GH? Do you think it limits your chances for a major storyline?

M: Good question.

R: Wow..It should make my chances greater.. again, that's so difficult.. I love being on both shows, but so far after a year on PC, I really haven't been involved in anything. It's basically been mike the bartender.. Wow... I'd love to have a storyline on either one at this stage of the game, but again I don't know.. They say to me we're going to get you involved in something, but so far the only thing on GH has been my relationship with Jason, after Sonny left, and not really much of anything on Port Charles.

LisaH10 asks: Hi, Maurice! So glad to have you back -- if only for a while! My question is, what's life been like outside GH, do you miss it and the actors? Do you watch -- and, if so, what do you think? Thanks, Lisa

M: I don't watch, but I keep saying that if Steve or anyone called and said watch this day I would watch. I've watched about 3 days.. It's been a little frustrating at times, disappointing at times, but exciting not knowing what's going to happen. Yes, I missed GH, and even more when I went back.. It's like coming back home, like family.. That's why I keep Ron Hale around, he's part of GH and PC and part of my life so it's easier that way..

R: You're lucky, I talk to out of work actors.

LynneM6738 asks: Ron, please no more grandmother types for Mike. He needs a red hot babe. I'm volunteering. What are my chances?

R&M: LOL..

R: Absolutely wonderful chances! That's funny! I kinda agree, but then maybe that's my own ego! I think that Mike is definitely not ready to settle down. I think it would be quite interesting to see Mike in a realationship, since he's come to PC to find his son and recktify that relatonship that's where his focus has been.. It'd be nice to see Mike with someone who is vital and full of fun, I think he needs some fun in his life at this state of the game.

AGHLuvR asks: Heard a rumor you'll be the next NYPD Det. Any truth to that?

M: No, but..

R: Keep that rumor going..

M: Supposedly, I've been supposed to meet Bochco for quite a while now, but who knows it may happen, it may not.

Faron64 asks: I just want to tell Ron Hale it is great to see him back on daytime. I remember as Roger on Ryan's Hope and I always enjoyed his character. How does it feel to be on GH?

R: It's been fabulous. There was almost a 6 yr period from the time RH went off the air before I went on GH and I really didn't know if I wanted to go back into daytime after 13 1/2 years on one show.. I did it and I'm telling you from the first day on GH and my first day working with Tony Geary and the crew and of course Maurice, I was overwhelmed with how exciting the work was and what a great group of actors, It's been absolutely fabulous, I couldn't be more thrilled. If you asked me that 3 1/2 years ago, I probably would have said I didn't want to go back into daytime, but it's been absolutely fabulous.

LilySK8GR8 asks: Maurice, WHere has Sonny been this whole time, and how is he gonna explain this to Brenda?!

M: He's been in Rio, trying to get over his guilt and his feelings about what he did. He's been fishing, knitting.. well that's where he's been.. He's just gonna try.. well I've already done the scenes but can't give it away. He's going to try and be as honest as he can with her about why he did it.. and if you know Sonny, he's honest but he doesn't tell the whole truth at times. But he means well.

LeeSSmith asks: Ron, how would you like to be paired up with Bobbie for a love interest?

R: Oh my God! I think it would be fabulous..that's been discussed before... brought up before mainly through fans, to me and I guess to ABC.. I think that would be an interesting relationship.. I don't know how they'd go about starting something like that, but I think there could be some real possibilities there.

Posh_Princess_16 asks: maurice when will Splittsvill come out?!?! I can't wait to see it!

M: Here's the deal with Splitsville, I heard it was good, I never saw it but saw my stuff. My stuff was alright.. It's not really like Sonny. I play the father of the lead boy.. Christopher Lambert directed and is in it.. It's a kids movie and I heard it's coming out, I don't know where, I don't know when, but I'm sure they'll let me know.

Jolikup asks: R: You've also been the guy with the deep dark connections. Any chance that stuff might surface?

R: Again, that's so interesting.. because I have discussed that with the people at GH in the last few months. I spoke to them about that exact thing. I said that Mike has a past and there was an element of danger about him and his character when he first came on and we have gotten away from that since... it surfaced about a month ago on PC where I was able to help Matt and called markers into some of my shady friends in NY to help him out b/c his life was being threatened.. so there was an element there. I would just love to get back to that.. to that edge with Mike where you don't know from moment to moment exactly "where" he is.. I would like to see a little of that edge back.. Mr. Nice Guy is fine, but it's more fun to have a little of that dark side.

Missykrissy1 asks: Maurice did you like the way your return was written?

M: Yeah. It's been great. I've worked 2 days so far and both days have been written very well and I forgot how emotional and how tortured this character was.. but that's what I love to do, so it's fantastic.

RenaSF asks: Ron - my favorites storyline would be a romance for Mike, but how about if Mike overheard clues at the Recovery Room and was able to solve the murder mystery? It would be a nice change of pace for you.

R: Hmm.. Yeah, well, sure.. Again, to my knowledge, Mike has not been involved at all in the murder mystery thing, personally I don't know much of what's going on... as an actor.. but it would be great to be a little more involved in something like that, sure.

IceQueen52 asks: Maurice, now that Guza is back is there any chance that you will be back for a longer period of time?

M: Not really Although I love Bob Guza I gotta get on, move on to the next thing. The month is good and I think I added an extra week and that for me, is it. Cause if I stay any longer, they're gonna have to drag me out of there, especially with Ron Hale there... because with Ron.. well I can't talk about it because I'll start crying.

Faron64 asks: Ron, How about you and Alexis? that could be interesting!

R: Hey, listen! Any of the above! Alexis too!

M: Sonny too!

R: Hey we'd really turn daytime around there! I think there are quite a number of interesting, exciting female characters that Mike could be involved with. I think there are a lot of possibilities.

Missmimi30 asks: Maurice, Just a comment; I have a permanent mental image of you as Ricky Ricardo, you did a wonderful job!

M: Wow, thank you and that's fantastic.. I'm glad that you have that image.. It was a very difficult role, difficult job.. and yeah, it was an interesting experience... brought me right down to the unemployment line.. lol.. but we all survive everything... :) But thanks for the compliment, that's great.

Ygriffin: For Ron Hale: I loved your work on Ryan's Hope, especially with Ilene Kirsten.. any possibility of you using your influence to get her over to GH as a partner for your character?

R: Isn't that funny.. Ilene is out here in LA right now, In fact we went to a friends wedding together monday night and I've discussed this with Ilene a number of times.. she'd love to do that.. for her to come on either show as somebody from Mike's past would be a fabulous idea, because we've worked together very well.. and she'd be perfect, I'd love to see it happen.

Noni27 asks: I would like to ask Maurice if Sonny and Brenda are going to reconcile and at least become friends, if not lovers, again.

M: Yeah, they'll become friends.. lovers I'd say no, but there's always hope. Especially with Ron...;)

Radd1998: Ron does Maurice still leave you ten minute messages, or is that just a rumor


R: They're down to about 8 1/2 minutes now, and I very seldom answer his calls..

M: And he hangs up very quickly..

R: And he goes on and on..

M: Acutally, he saves them..

R: Actually, I'm writing a book, They should be published.

Carly_Morgan asks: Do you know how sonny will react to Baby Michael?

M: I gotta tell you.. I won't tell you how he reacts, but it was absolutely great.. absolutely great how the baby responded.. because the baby had been crying and stuff and then Sonny looks at the baby.. and it's very cool.

R: What did you threaten the baby?

M: It's very cool.

RenaSF asks: Ron - actors often site the difference between working on an hour show and a half hour show. Do you notice any difference between the two (or is it all just one big 90 minute show to you)?

R: Very good question. I've answered this before... for an actor there's no difference.. it's the same amount of homework, same amount of concentration, the hour shows sometimes you have a little more to do, but you have more characters so on a 1/2 hour you might have more work to do.. but they're both equally challenging there's not a hell of a lot of difference.

Alisonguest_29a04640 asks: Maurice will we get to see any scenes with Luke and Sonny?

M: I wish, but not that I know of. But I don't know. I hope so, but I haven't heard anything so maybe that means no.

R: I think Tony put in for a long vacation when he heard you were coming back.

M: People do that, at exactly the same time I'm coming back, they leave.. I don't know why that happens.

R: I have absolutely no idea maurice.

Elizabeth11111 asks: question for Ron: will there be a Ryans Hope reunion

R: We've been mentioned on Rosie so many times.. I think something liek that would be marvelous.. I've heard rumors for years about the possibilities of someone doing a RH second generation type show.. It's only a rumor.. but the RH characters 10 years later as a regular show, but I don't know.

SCorinthos asks: Maurice what is up next for you? Do you plan to do more movies or television?

M: I'd love to do movies. There's a lot of talk going on, like I said before, and I hate talking about that cause if it doesn't happen.. but I'd love to do good scripts, work with good directors and actors I respect. If I could do Sonny on the big screen that would be the greatest thing, because it's such a great role. But you got to keep going and learn to deal with rejection.. but that's why I have Ron.. so I can call Ron.

R: And I know all about rejection

M: He builds me up when I'm feeling down.

R: I hold him, I sing to him.

Axelsfloridagirl asks: Ron, how is your animation voice work going?

R: How'd you know about that! Geesh.. It's going fabulously, we just finished our 5th week, and it's been an unbelievable experience. It's an area that's brand new to me, very difficult to break into. It's wonderful to be a cartoon character, I'm dying to see it. We go in and lay our vocal tracks and they animate around it. It's very hard work and very demanding.

Nightscreamer55 asks: M: Is Sonny involved with Jerry by any chance?

M: Who?.. I kinda heard about him.. I guess there's going to be something that has to do with him.. I didn't know his name was Jerry though.. Sonny beat his ass, you know. ;-)

DanaBulls23 asks: Ron: How will Mike react to Brenda being with Jax? He's always regarded her as his daughter.

R: It's beyond me. You know, after Sonny split, I had to do a scene within the last few days after Maurice had his last show where Mike went to Jax, the only way I rationalized that was that Mike cares so much about Brenda that he knew the only person who could get thru to her was Jax.. It was tough for me, Ron, to rationalize that scene. I understood it, because Mike's a nice guy. But since that scene I haven't had any interaction with Brenda, which is a shame b/c we had some wonderful scenes together..but maybe Mike just reminds her of Sonny..

M: Because we look so much alike..

R: Yeah..

Blub56887 asks: Any chance that Sonny will kick Jax butt?

R: Right on..

M: There's always a chance of it...but I don't think he's going to waste his time with it. He'll probably have somebody else do it, probably Jason.. because he doesn't want to get his hands dirty.

Spin98 asks: Are you more like father/son, brothers or friends in real life?

M: We're just friends..

R: Friends..

M: Good friends..

R: I was going to say sisters, but I don't think we can say that.

M: You can say anything you want. I can be your sister and you can be my brother..

R: You look better in a dress anyway..

Ygriffin asks: If you could choose, which one of GH's ladies would you prefer to romance as Mike?

R: I guess somebody's out there wanting to get me fixed up aren't they! All of them.. just line them up.

KLRGH asks: Maurice, does Sonny know about Brenda's breakdown?

M: You would think he knows everything about her, so I would say yeah, b/c although he's trying to stay away.. it's like when you break up with someone and you want to know what they're doing still.. cause he's very immature, Sonny.

Cotton_candy98 asks: Ron and Maurice whats it like working with Steve Burton? Chandra

M: Who's that? Oh, Steve... ;) He's a funny guy. He's always making you laugh and cracking jokes. As an actor he's honest and truthful. I like working with him alot.

R: He basically said it. It's great working with Steve. I enjoy it very much.

KayRed asks: Ron, can you give us any hints on the murder storyline? Who killed Devlin?

R: I ain't got the slightest idea.

Faith43617 asks: Maurice, have you heard anything on your "mob" movie, I believe it's called Entrapped? Looking forward to seeing you on the BIG screen!!! Good Luck.

M: It's another one of those things I said before about a lot of talk going on and now it's coming back to haunt me. I'd love to do it, it's a good role, great story and now they've got money behind it and they're serious about it, but until my agent gets a call, we'll have to wait and see.. About 7 or 8 months ago, I thought we were doing it, but then it wasn't, so now we have to wait and see.

Krisser441 asks: for ron: we don't get "pc" here, and my mother-in-law and i miss seeing you! please come back to "gh"!!!

R: Okay. :-) Yeah..

M: Write to GH..

R: yeah, write to GH.. I hear this a lot and it's wonderful, but I think the power of the pen means more than anything I can say.

AbsolutGirl18 asks: Maurice, what ever happened to the farm that Sonny bought?

R: What? Sonny bought the farm? to raise chickens?

M: Reptiles actually. I think those were the days when the writers didn't know what to do so they had Sonny buy Brenda a farm.. so that was kind of interesting but those were those other days when I was there..

R: I always pictured you as a farmer..

Faron64 asks: Ron, I would love to see Mike help Bobbie get Michael back from the Q's.

R: Yeah, again anything that's happened in the last month or so with my godson I don't know anything about b/c I haven't been on the show.. and Mike would be doing everything in his power to help.. unless Jason has told him something *offscreen* not to interfere.

Lorim_ram asks: Maurice, I heard from SOD that Sonny was coming back a meaner person. WIll you still be that same old sweet guy?

M: I gotta tell you.. physically, Sonny looks different, can't tell you how, can't tell you what.. I wanted to play him a certain way but when I got to act I had to play him the way that I did.. I wanted to play him a little darker, but it didn't really.. I wanted to play him more tortured and not really cover so much.

Marty2634 asks: Hello Ron, What's it like to act with Tony Geary?

R: That's great.. It's absolutely great. Tony is an actor. He really plays everything from moment to moment and changes a lot of things scriptwise right up to the last second and always throwing curve balls at you which are wonderful.. we love doing that to each other. He's great.

Radd1998 asks: Ron and Maurice you two are so great together, ever think of doing comedy

M: I don't know about Ron, but I think I could be alright in comedy but it would be too much work for me, and drama is easier for me to do.

R: Maurice would be wonderful in comedy just b/c of who he is naturally and his comedic sense as a person.. I think it would be fun to do comedy with him, but he'd probably want to cry and scream or somehting.

M: Yeah..

R: But it would be fun to do together..

M: Yeah it would be fun.

GHKimmy asks: I really hope this gets answered soon because I have to leave. I was wondering what you both were thinking filming that last scene between Mike and Sonny when Sonny was leaving and Sonny said he loved him.

M: the last scene we had.. I personalize everything I do, you know, I just use Ron and I use stuff in my own life for that scene in particular and the way the writing was it all fit perfectly & for me it was one of the scenes that I'm most proud of.. but as an actor that's the way I work, it's hard to get into because I have to talk method acting and stuff, but I just personalize everything. To me it's not just about Sonny & Mike a lot of it's about Ron & Maurice.

R: One thing about that scene and we had a few scenes like that over the last few yrs on different levels, but we could not rehearse that scene as we normally rehearse. Usually prior to taping a show the control booth 80% of what they're going to was one of those scenes that we couldn't rehearse, we just had to do it. We knew the words, but we didn't know what was going to happen. So all the stuff they got on film that day, his crying and the hug, was unrehearsed. The booth was smart enough to just let us do it, and they said roll tape and we just let it happen.. I was very proud of that scene.

Jwatson669 asks: Ron you are SO under rated!!! Have you ever won an emmy! (You should have about a billion of them)

R: God that's sweet. I was nominated twice. Back in I believe 79-80 and 80-81 for Ryan's Hope. I've gone thru the nominations. I didn't win..

M: Must be tough losing, Ron...

R: I don't know Maurice, you could probably expand on that. But it's a wonderful experience. It's wonderful being nominated.. I hope sometime in the future it might happen again.

Albundyman asks: Does Sonny still love Brenda?

M: Oh, he'll always love her.

Axelsfloridagirl asks: Ron, what's your favorite way to unwind when you're not working?

R: That's hard to say.. there are a lot of things I do. I love to get in my car and just go. I'll take off for 3,4.5 days and go into AZ or NM.. sometimes drive down into Mexico and go to small towns.. look around, see things, do things, I like that.. That's probably the best way for me to unwind.. and I just love traveling like that. No itinerary, just go.

Ghamcfan asks: Maurice, why didn't you add your name to the emmy nomination list?

M: Because I felt I didn't have the material that was worthy of a nomination or more so to win. Last year, I felt I had the material. I felt so strongly that I would win, then I lost and this year I had nothing really..and I probably would've won. For me to go to NY ...I'm a nervous person and it takes a lot out of me.. but I just didn't think I had the material ... and I was waiting for Ron Hale to talk me into it and he didn't..

R: I wouldn't lie to you Maurice.

R: ;-)

GimmeALittle_Shhhh asks: Do you keep in touch with Kate Mulgrew (ex-Mary Ryan, Ryans Hope). I'd love to see Ron Hale do a guest stint on Star Trek: Voyager.

R: Yeah, I'd love to do a guest stin on that.. No, Kate and I really don't keep in contact.. I've seen her a few times since she got the job.. She and Nancy Addison who used to play my sister Jill on RH keep in touch. They are like sisters.. so if Nancy's in town that's when I have my chance to see Kate, but we're really not in touch.

Sheltiesong asks: Maurice -- I know you're big fan of Godfather movies. What is your favorite Godfather movie, and if you could play any Godfather character, who would it be?

M: The character Talia Shire played.. LOL No, my favorite Godfather is probably Godfather 2 and of course I would love to play Michael Corleone.. I just saw it last weekend, gosh the lighting, the makeup, the actors.. Gosh, it's just a great, great film.


SODhost: Thank you Maurice & Ron.. and thank you all for joining us.