There are many warehouses the mob uses around the docks. Sonny and Jason own Corinthos & Morgan Coffee Imports, located at one of their warehouses. Sonny has an office here where he conducts business. It has repeatedly been the target or arsonist. 

Sonny: This is our legitimate business. I like to work in my office here. 

Jason: Sonny's an expert in coffee beans. 

Sonny: (Laughing) I can pick out good beans. This business has been very profitable for us, except we have had a lot of  "accidents." 

Jason: The warehouse has been burned down two times. A lot of people want do destroy Sonny.

Sonny: I was in here with Benny when I got trapped. Jason came and saved both of us.

Jason: Sonny would have done the same for me.



Mob Haunts